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Welcome To Astro Isha

   If you happen to be an Astrologer, Palmist, Feng-Shui Expert, Vastu Shastra Expert, involved in Karmakand, Poojas or Rituals, know Yoga and Pranayam and train others, are an Ayurveda Expert or know Alternative Healing Techniques then kindly go through the contents of this page.

Registering With Astro Isha

   Astro Isha offers a chance to Register and post your details just like with Online Directories and Yellow Pages. But it is much more then an Online Identity Card for a subject expert. It is a place where you can post your articles, get comments, feedback related to your work and most important of all receive Online Payments subject to being a Paid Member.

Who Can Register?

   Currently Registration is open for the following experts:

  1. Astrologers: Those having knowledge of Vedic Astrology and astrological subjects ranging from marriage, career, education to spirituality. Astrologers specializing in reports like Career Report, Marriage Compatibility and related subjects are also welcome.
  2. Yoga Experts: Those who specialize in Yoga, Pranayam, Kunadali Awakening, Hath Yoga and Yogas related to mind and other body parts.
  3. Palmist: Palmist who specialize in hand or face reading are welcome to register.
  4. Vastu Shastra Experts: Those who are involved in Vastu Shastra for Home, Office or even involved in Interior Decoration using Vastu Items can register and describe their expertise.
  5. Feng-Shui Experts: Those who sell Feng-Shui items or those who can offer expert advise related to Feng-Shui items are welcome to register.
  6. Ayurveda: Those who know Ayurveda and can offer consultation are encouraged to register.
  7. Karma Kand: Those performing Havan, Poojas, Katha, Gita or Bhagwad Reading, Vidhi or Yagnas are welcome to register.
  8. Alternative Healing: Those who know Panchkarma Therapy, Bhasma Therapy, Reiki Therapy, Accupunture or related forms of Alternative Healing are welcome to get registered with us.

Account Types

There are two types of accounts which can be opened with Astro Isha. They are:

  1. Free Account: Free Account lets you register and share your details with Users. Once you are registered and have authenticated your email, you would be provided an option on your Dashboard to open Free Account. Once it is opened you can change your details as and when you please. If you wish to write articles on Astro Isha then contact
  2. Paid Account: Paid Account lets you register, share your details, post articles on the website, receive online payments and also reply to client queries online. Once you have registered and authenticated your email there would be an option on your Dashboard to avail Paid Services. Click that option and also choose one of the payment types to complete Payment.

Benefits Of Free Membership

   Free Members can post their full details online with Address, Phone Number, Mobile Number. Astro Isha also gives a chance to register you Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter Pages to attract more customers. Free Members can write articles subject to approval from Astro Isha. If you wish to write articles for Astro Isha then contact Free Members cannot avail options of receiving Online Orders and Payments.

Benefits Of Paid Membership

   In addition to getting benefits of Free Membership, Paid Members can give Online Consultation. More importantly they have the option to set Currency and Fees for different countries. For example you can charge British Customer in Sterling Pounds, an American Customer in US Dollars while an Indian Customer in Indian Rupees. Alternatively you can charge all of them in your desired currency.

   You can write articles and reply to queries online. There is no need to make Reports or Documents on your side. You just need to focus on your expertise and offering it to Online Customers.

Paid Account- How To Pay?

   Astrologers who wish to avail services like receiving online payments, posting client reports online need to pay a certain amount to Astro Isha. This is a one-time payment only and no further fees or charges would be imposed on Astrologer for keeping Account on this website. This one-time payment is to encourage genuine Astrologers who wish to make money from their expertise. Those who wish to open a Paid Account can pay via:

  1. Paypal: Paypal payments are accepted and mandatory for all countries except India. Few countries like Pakistan and other war torn countries are not allowed this services by RBI(Reserve Bank Of India).
  2. PaypalMe: PaypalMe is hassle free payment service which is simple and easy to use. Customer outside of India would be provided a link where he can make payments and notify Astro Isha.
  3. Direct Transfer: Transfer Details would be provided in Email. Valid in All Countries(Kindly check with your bank if Money Transfer is possible)
  4. Cheque: Details for Cheque would be provided in Email. Valid in India Only
  5. UPI Payments: UPI(Unified Payment Interface) Apps like BHIM, Phonepe etc can be used to make payments. Just ensure details of payments are provided to Astro Isha. Valid For India Only
  6. Paytm: Customer can pay using Paytm. Just try payment link provided. Alternatively there is a Scan Code and Number provided where payment can be sent. Valid For India Only

Receiving Payments- How It Works?

   Astrologer who have opened Paid Account can receive Online Payments from customers. If a customer decides to use your expertise then he can do so via Ask An Astrologer page. Once the customer orders your Services you have Ten Days(10 Days) to answer to his queries. Once the answer has been provided you would receive payment for your Consultation Services after deduction of some amount. If you fail to answer within ten days then the order would automatically be Cancelled and Customer would be Refunded the fees for Consultation.

How much charge is deducted?

   Around 10-15% would be deducted. Rest of payment is transfered to Registered Experts Bank Account. Those dealing in Foreign Currency are advised to open a Paypal Account as Paypal charges additional fees for Currency Conversion. In this case more charges would be deducted if expert has enabled Foreign Currency and does not hold a Paypal Account.

   If you get sufficient Online Orders then you are advised to pay a yearly payment charge to Astro Isha. Astro Isha won't charge any commission on orders for such accounts. After deductions of nominal fees by Third Party Payment Service the rest of payments go in Experts Account.

For More Information

   If you find the Registration Process difficult then kindly get in touch at email: