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What does Gantavya mean?

     The word Gantavya (गन्तव्य) is a sanskrit word. There is no synonym for it in English at least. Simply put it, it is your divine purpose in life. Your maker aka Supreme Brahman aka GOD created you for a reason and the attainment of that purpose is what Gantavya is. Lots and lots of people come asking an astrologer if engineering or doctoring or MBA or Law is the right line for them. But what a consultant should be asking an astrologer is what is my Gantavya? and How do I attain it? 

Why do I need to know about my Gantavya?

If you want to live an aimless life and a meaningless existence there is absolutely no need to know about your Gantavya. Also if you already know what you want to do in life there is no point looking at astrology and getting confused about what you want or should do.

But if you are trying to find out more about yourself and if you want to know what path to take to get the desired happiness in life then be sure to read about your Gantavya

How do I know my Gantavya?

Gantavya can be known by knowing about your Chara Atmakaraka. Your soul is part of Supreme Brahman. The soul (atma) wants to liberate your mind from continuous cycle of life and death. The Chara Atmakaraka in the horoscope points to the unfulfilled desires which when attained leads to satisfaction and ultimately Moksha.

How do I know my Atmakaraka?

In a horoscope there is description of degree travelled by each planets. Check out planet which has travelled highest degree among the Nine Planets in Vedic Astrology. As Rahu follows retrograde movement subtract the degree of Rahu from 30 degree. For example if Rahu is located at 5 degree then 30 minus 5 comes to 25 so Rahu comes to 25 degree. The planet who is closest to 29 degrees or greater then 29 degree is your Chara Atmakaraka. Placement of Ketu is not considered into the equation for Atmakaraka

Work in that direction

Just try to work as hard as possible to fulfill all desires possible in the house where your atmakaraka is located.

If your atmakaraka is located in the 2nd house then your soul's desire must be family well-being or getting adequate savings. If your atmakaraka is in 4th house then it could be better relationship with mother, getting a good house, earning money through animal husbandry and so on.

In short it is essential to work hard to get your unfulfilled desires and lessons learned during the failure or success to get those desires would eventually take you to the higher path that is God.

Why do something so troublesome?

The final goal of every human being should be attainment of Moksha. That is only possible once you have satisfied your desires. While not all desires bear fruit the process of trying to attain your desire would help you mature and your mind would start to see the idea of liberation as a good idea. 

Affinity to Desires

Whether you like it or not your desires would drive you do the unthinkable.

प्रकृतेः क्रियमाणानि गुणैः कर्माणि सर्वशः ।
अहंकारविमूढात्मा कर्ताहमिति मन्यते ॥
Every thought and action is a result of your character. In his foolishness the human thinks it is he himself who does those karma.

This simple sloka from Gita Chapter 4 Verse 27 makes it clear your character drives your actions. The character is shaped by your desires, your wants and your needs. It is necessary to know what the unfulfilled desired of your souls are so that they can be fulfilled. Even if they are not fulfilled the lesson learned while failing plays a very important role in your spiritual growth. This spiritual growth ultimately takes you to the Supreme Brahman aka God.

Sound Advice

   If you are going to an astrologer do ask them about your Atmakaraka. The astrologer may or may not know about matters of your career, wealth, marriage and divorce as they are governed by Prarabdha but he should know what your soul desires by checking the degree placement of planets in your horoscope. Knowing that may not get you rich and famous but attainment of souls desire would definitely make you happy and take you closer to the final goal of Moksha.



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