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Jupiter Moving To Virgo Sign

   jupiter in virgo signOn August 11th 2016, the wise, optimistic and magnanimous Jupiter enters the Virgo Sign and stay there for roughly 13 Months. This transit would provide benefits to some while for others it might provide for a challenging period. Jupiter is the most benefic planet in a horoscope. It can provide auspicious timing for Marriage, Starting a Business Venture, Expanding Business, Moving into New House and new Job Opportunities.

   Below there is a summary provided for the effect of Jupiter's Transit via Virgo for natives born in the 12 Signs.

Aries Sign and Ascendant

   Natives born with Moon in Aries Sign or having Aries Ascendant would have some tough time due to Jupiter Transit. While Career may thrive there could be problems with Savings and even chance of gaining diseases. There are also chances of putting on weight during this period. If natives try hard to find a Spouse then they maybe able to marry in a year. Those wishing to start a Business Venture should wait out a year and let Jupiter move into Libra. Second Marriage Hopefuls can marry during this period due to Jupiter aspect on House of Second Marriage.

Taurus Sign and Ascendant

   Natives born with Moon in Taurus Sign or having Taurus Ascendant would have good time due to Jupiter Transit. They could be blessed with good and healthy children if they are trying for an offspring. They could get success via Stock Markets if they do Long Term Investments and also they could have good year in Social Sphere. They could also plan long distance travels and have fun in them. Taurus Natives wishing to go abroad for higher studies also have a favorable year after August 11th. Business could see profits and Personal Health and Happiness is restored. Overall good times are indicated after August 11th.

Gemini Sign and Ascendant

   Jupiter moves into the 4th House for those born with Moon in Gemini Sign or ones born in Gemini Ascendant. It provides mixed results. There could be some troubles at home, difficulties with land dealings, live stocks and farming. Period after August 11th is favorable to invest in Bonds, Mutual Funds and other Tax Saving Schemes. Those involved in Phd. and Research could also benefit via this transit. Expenses could increase for some as there is also aspect of Rahu on 12th House.

Cancer Sign and Ascendant

   Period after August 11th provides a golden year for those born with Moon in Cancer Sign or ones born with Cancer Ascendant. This is the time when they can get Married, start a Business Venture, Go on a Foreign Tour, Go Abroad for Higher Studies and even get good Promotion or Income Raise. Overall time after August 11th should be favorable for Cancer Natives due to Jupiter's positive influence.

Leo Sign and Ascendant

   Jupiter moving into the 2nd House isn't the ideal place for it. There could be some problems with family members. On the bright side there could be result possible if relationship is going through a conflict whether it is a compromise or separation. In short there is an outcome whether a positive or negative. Negative cause Rahu is still in Leo Sign. There could be cordial relationship with boss and peers. Overall this Jupiter transit is not ideal for Leo Natives. For 2nd Marriage hopefuls this time could be ideal with Jupiter blessing the 2nd House with his presence.

Virgo Sign and Ascendant

   Jupiter moving into the Virgo Sign is a blessing for the next 13 Months or so. Native could feel Optimistic and Cheerful. Downside is there could be some weight gain during this period. Native also gets good returns via Careful Investments in Stock Markets and even Gambling if he plans a way to succeed. There could be Wedding Bells during this year and also chances of opening a new Business Venture or even Expanding Business. There could be long distance travels for Personal or Spiritual Benefits. Virgo Natives wishing to go abroad for higher education can also have a productive year due to Jupiter Transit.

Libra Sign and Ascendant

   Jupiter moving into the Virgo Sign provides for some challenging times ahead for natives with Moon in Libra Sign or those with Ascendant in Libra Sign. There could be losses both personal and monetary. Native could also travel to foreign country and away from home but that travel could provide for some difficulties. Native could also have break-ups on the card if there are some fights in relationships. There could be heavy losses in Business or Stock Markets. Health could deteriorate and hefty medical bills possible due to it during these time. Libra Natives and Libra Ascendants are advised to be careful for next 13 Months starting August 11th.

Scorpio Sign and Ascendant

   Jupiter moving into Virgo sign provides good results for Scorpio Sign. They can get Promotions, Income Raise and other benefits in service roles. They can also get good gains in Stock Markets. There could be good time to increase their Social Circle via their Networking Skills to gain at later time. Marriage is also possible and so is Business Expansion or opening of new Business Venture. Overall next 13 Months are quite fruitful due to blessings of Jupiter.

Sagittarius Sign and Ascendant

   Jupiter in Virgo Sign provides good results for natives with Moon in Sagittarius Sign and Sagittarius Ascendant. There could be good times for Career and Service Roles with new opportunities for jobs. Also there could be acknowledgement from Boss and Peers at workplace for hard work. Savings could increase and there could be good time to buy or sell land. Also there could be benefit from live stock and farming. Relationships could improve in home. Second Marriage hopefuls can tie the knot this year.

Capricorn Sign and Ascendant

   Jupiter moving into the 9th House for natives with Moon in Capricorn Sign or Capricorn Ascendant provides good time to invest in Stock Markets and earn decent income. There is also a chance to increase Social Standing during this time. There are positive thoughts, broad outlook and personal well-being during this time. Health also is stable and no major troubles are indicated health wise. Ofcourse 8th House Rahu Transit may cause troubles. There could also be long religious travels or chance to go abroad for higher studies. Overall after August 11th there are some favorable times possible.

Aquarius Sign and Ascendant

   Jupiter moving into the 8th House could provide challenging times for natives with Moon in Aquarius Sign and those born in Aquarius Ascendant. There could be heavy losses both physical and monetary. There could be Legal Troubles, Income Tax raids and problems in Inheritance cases. There could also be loss of Savings. Some respite possible at home. Natives can gain some benefits from land dealings, farming and live stocks but overall picture is gloomy for next 13 Months for Aquarius Natives and those with Aquarius Ascendant.

Pisces Sign and Ascendant

   Pisces Sign and Ascendant have Jupiter entering the 7th House after August 11th. This is the best time for Marriage, to open a Business Venture or expand Business. There could also be Promotions or Salary Raise at Work Place. There could be increase in Friends and Social Circle. Personal Wellbeing and Health improves. Also there could be good rapport with Siblings and Neighbors during this time. Communication with others could also improve. Overall the next 13 Months are satisfying for natives with Moon in Pisces Sign and natives with Pisces Ascendant.


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