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     Saturn is about to start retrograde movement and return into Scorpio Sign on June 20th 2017. It keeps following retrograde movement until 25th August 2017. Then it follows normal movement and finally return back into Sagittarius Sign on October 26th 2017. Planets don't do retrogression(backward movement) in real. But as earth and planets both revolve around the Sun the fast movement of earth sometimes makes it appear as if the other planet is moving backward. Well according to Vedic Astrology every planet apart from Sun and Moon follows retraograde movement from time to time. Rahu and Keu are forever retrograde. That retrograde movement is the time when a lot of events happen which are against the normal course of events.

     The ones that are likely to be affected the most are those with Moon in Aries Sign, Leo Sign, Libra Sign, Scorpio Sign and Sagittarius Sign. For Aries Sign and Leo Sign it is a return of panoti phase. Well panoti means testing times. To put it simply its not always the case that you get bad fruits from panoti phase. There can be rewards and success also for those whose Karma is good. But again that does not come without passing the Saturn test. For those whose Karma is bad you can expect one final lesson that you would need to learn before you are free from the testing times of Saturn. Saturn is a task-master and he would hit the naughty person one final time to teach him/her not to repeat the same mistakes. 

     For Libra Sign its the final four months of hell on earth. They have been seeing testing times called Sade-Sati since September 8th 2009. They are tired, exhausted and petrified of the last eight years. But they need not worry. Saturn is just going to test you for last four months. After October 26th 2017 it won't be a bad idea for Libra Natives to throw in a party. Well odds are Saturn would reward you after October 26th 2017 anyway's. So just keep hope and patience for next fourt months. Time after August 25th 2017 would start showing positive results. For Scorpio Sign its final four months of core phase of Sade-Sati. They are exhausted as well. But they have to somehow pull through until 2020 as Sade-Sati runs until 2020 for them. Bottomline is those with Moon in Scorpio Sign have to pass out final four months of intense core phase of Sade-Sati. They could see failures, dejection and miseries piling up for next four months. But after that on October 26th 2017 they should start feeling better. In some cases worst could follow as last phase of Sade-Sati may start. 

     Sade-Sati for Sagittarius Sign stops the core phase and starts the first phase again. Well next four months give you some relief. But Saturn moves into your twelth house so do expect health issues as well as depleted savings for next four months. For Sagittarius Sign the next four months are a sign of relief before Saturn starts roasting them with core phase starting on October 26th 2017 and next few years are truly going to be tough with Rahu entering Eight House and Jupiter moving into twelth house next year. 

     For those with Moon in Taurus Sign and Virgo Sign think of next four months as parole times from Saturn's Panoti Phase. If you have any important work that needs to be done then do so before October 26th 2017. Afterwards Saturn comes into your life for next three years or so and don't expect things to be that easy. Even if your Karma is good Saturn won't give you good fruits without testing both Taurus and Virgo Natives after October 26th 2017. So make the most of next four months.  

     For those with Moon in Gemini Sign, Cancer Sign, Capricorn Sign, Aquarius Sign and Pisces Sign this retrograde transit of Saturn won't affect you unless if Saturn occupies an awkward place when counted from your Ascendant. 

     The next four months are troublesome for those with Moon in Aries, Leo, Libra and Scorpio. Sagittarius have some issues but their main issues are about to start after October 26th 2017. Those with Moon in Taurus and Virgo have some relief for next four months. Rest of the signs need not worry about Saturn's transit unless ofcourse Saturn moves into a troublesome house when counted from Ascendant


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