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     In Vedic Astrology there are concepts of Prarabdha and Purushartha. Prarabdha in English means Fate.

     The fate of an individual plays a big part in shaping his/her life. If an individual is meant to rise from rags to riches than fate pushes him in that direction. If he is meant to fall down from a top position in life than fate pushes him in that direction. It all depends on karma of an individual or in other words Purushartha. To a believer of fate, luck controls the destiny while for a believer of Purushartha, hard work controls the destiny. Actually the reality is somewhere in the middle. 

     Prarabdha and Purushartha are not on collision course but rather run parallel and meet at some point of the road. The hard work of today becomes the good fortune of tomorrow. The fate faced today maybe a result of bad deeds of yesterday. Similarly today's fate may decide the native's choice of work. In astrological terms the placement and aspect of benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus and Moon drive the good Prarabdha while placement and aspect of malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu drive the bad Prarabdha which befalls a native. But there is the quintessential question as to where should one apply Prarabdha and where should one apply Purushartha. Vedic Astrology and ancient Astrology Text suggests leaving matters of Artha Houses (2nd house, 6th house and 10th house) and Kama Houses (3rd house, 7th house and 11th house) to Prarabdha. Well to be more accurate leave matters of Savings, Popularity in Media, Matters of Debt, Marriage, Business Partnership (success or failure in partnership), Career Standing, Financial Gains and Quality and Quantity of Friends to fate. Not every matter in the concerned houses is better to leave to fate but knowing that Artha Houses and Kama Houses are driven by fate saves pain in future as they are beyond one's control. 

As Kabir rightly said in his doha: 

“Manushya kadi balwaan nahi; Samaya sab se balwaan
Kaabe Arjuna lutiyo; Wahi dhanush wahi baan”

Translation: Time is more powerful compared to the human. The greatest of the warrior Arjuna lost to a bunch of tribesman of forest even though he was using the same quiver and arrows which he used to defeat mighty warriors. 

     Countless stories exist to justify Saint Kabir's views. But the point put across is not to get arrogant or conceited if you find victory and not to get deflated and lose hope at loss. Accept your Prarabdha and work towards your Purushartha. 

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