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     When you are in love with someone it is natural to want to propose to them about your feelings. Some propose over a long drive, some do it over a dinner date while others plan a romantic get away to far off places and pop the question. Some do it kneeling down on their knees and showing the ring while others blindfold their object of affection and give him/her the surprise ring. It is fine as long as the answer is YES from the object of affection. But how to avoid a possible NO for an answer? Well Vedic Astrology has a solution for that and it is quite simple and effective.

     When you wish to propose to someone, go to fix a marriage with someone or send someone an invitation both in person or online via a dating/matrimonial site all you need to do is check if a few combinations are present on that day. Below are the list of simple rules that would enable all potential brides and grooms to find success in marriage proposal.

  1. Day should be a Monday or Friday.
  2. Moon should be present in Rohini Nakshatra.
  3. There should be Venus or Moon Hora.
  4. There is Shubh, Labh, Amrit or Chal Chogadiya (Optional and Not Mandatory).

      Days are counted from around Sunrise to Sunset in Vedic Astrology. So the day has to be either Monday or Friday and should be done between Sunrise and Sunset. If ideal time is not available then push it to 4 AM in morning and up to 11:59 PM Midnight. Moon has to be present in Rohini Nakshatra. Rohini Nakshatra is the nakshatra of Lord Krishna. Rohini Nakshatra is ruled by Moon which signifies unconditional love and unlimited emotions. Rohini Nakshatra is located in Taurus Sign which is ruled by Venus. Venus signifies romance, intimacy, marital happiness and marriage bliss among other things. Naturally the Moon-Venus combination leads to a the golden time for marriage talks and these periods are when heavens also seem to favor would be couples who want to tie the knot. The last factor is to determine if there is a Venus or Moon Hora at that time. An additional factor could be to look at Chogadiya to find a suitable time. 

     For those who have no clue how to go about it below is a table given with date and favorable time to propose for the year 2016. Timings provided are when the Stars and Constellations favor those wanting to get married. Try to put your marriage proposal during that time and chances of settling down in life could rise dramatically. Location wise some placements of planets and constellations may change but more or less these times are consistent all round the globe.

DateFavorable Time To Propose
March 14th 2016 5:15 AM-6:22 AM
March 14th 2016 1:36 PM-2:36 PM
March 14th 2016 6:35 PM-7:35 PM
April 11th 2016 6:11 AM-7:14 AM
April 11th 2016 2:02 PM-2:34 PM
April 11th 2016 6:45 PM-7:42 PM
July 29th 2016 5:58 AM-7:03 AM
July 29th 2016 8:09 AM-09:15 AM
July 29th 2016 1:39 PM-02:45 PM
July 29th 2016 10:45 PM-11:12 PM
August 26th 2016 6:08 AM-7:12 AM

Reference: This Article was written By Dr. Pankaj Nagar and Dr. Rohan Nagar in the Monday Edition of Daily Newspaper Divya Bhaskar on 8th February 2016. The calculations are derived using a popular astrological software.


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