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Astrology and Income/Expenditures

     Vedic Astrology is clear that fate controls your income and expenditures. But remedies are also suggested which may help gather income and lessen expenditures. Second House and Eleventh House are the two houses which look after income and savings. Eleventh House looks after earnings or income while Second House looks after savings. As long as there is strength in one house native would stay away from financial troubles

     But in case there are problems with earning or with savings then the following remedies are suggested to lessen the effects.

Remedies For Income Generation

     For Income Generation the two best remedies are praying to Goddess Laxmi and staring at Shree Yantra. Reciting one of the laxmi mantras especially the Mahalaxmi Maha Mantra gives very good results. There are several hymns and prayers for Goddess Laxmi but Mahalaxmi Stotram composed by Indra who is chief among devas or Kanakdhara Stotra composed by Adi Shankara are ideally the best options. Singing just one of them should more then suffice and help generate sufficient income.

     One can also pray to Kubera who is entrusted with duty of Income Distribution. Having said that the simple Mahalaxmi Maha Mantra and staring at the dot(middle point) of Shree Yantra for a few minutes would suffice and some new means of Income should be visible to the person who tries those remedies.

     Note: Income may not be from the desired source and it takes some time before regular income is possible. If there are very bad financial conditions then one must try increasing the time on remedial measures.

Remedies For Savings

     Sometimes a person may earn a healthy income but he cannot have any Savings due to health or other family issues. In this case praying to Goddess Laxmi or Kubera is not really that helpful. In this cases praying to Ganesha or Hanuman would help. Essentially Ganesha is called Vighna Harta which means he is remover of obstacles and Hanuman is called Sankat Mochan meaning one who removes troubles from life. They are both Gods who possess knowledge and wisdom. Praying to them automatically incorporates their wisdom and knowledge into the one who prays(Source: Gita Chapter 7 Verse 21 and 22). Even Science agrees that the subconscious reacts and tries to copy the traits which it sees regularly.

Smart Investments via Horoscope

     Some people may have a very bad Eleventh House. Naturally their income would be low no matter how much they try. Some people are born with a very bad Second House. Their savings would be less no matter how much they try. While Income and Savings maybe less it does not mean that Finances need to be less. Finances are based on Smart Investments. For example those with a very good Fourth House can invest in Property, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry or even via going into Real Estate. It just so happens that Finances would be measured in Immovable Assets and if and when the need arises one can sell those assets. Since the Fourth House would be strong there are less or no chances of investments disappearing.

Consult An Astrologer For Investments

     The one place where Astrologers can offer logical and sound advise is in case of Systematic Planned Investments. They know which horoscope house has strength and which does not have strength. They can advise the client to invest in portfolios of horoscope houses which have strength. Financial Advisors just go with the Market Flow. While Astrologers offer advise based on what the planets and stars favor. It may not be perfect but finances are one place where Astrology is less superstitious and more reasonable as well as reliable.

Worry about Finances, Not About Income/Expenditure

     Income and Expenditure are in hands of fate. You may get some benefits by remedial measures but they cannot change the whole bad scenario. But thankfully there are bound to be horoscope houses with strength. The portfolios associated with those houses would improve your financial condition whether it be via Stock Markets, via Gold Investments, via Land Dealings, via Foreign Travels or via Media Sources. All that one needs to do is try to get in touch with a competant astrologer to suggest logical places to invest the money.

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