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Rahu Enters Cancer

     Rahu enters Cancer Sign on 20th August 2017. Rahu is going to impact a lot of people on earth with this transit as this transit is via sign of his arch-enemy Moon. Rahu is illusion and Moon represents the mind. This transit could be troublesome and could cause Political Turmoil. There could be a major wars on horizon and there could be considerable death toll. But its an estimate and not 100% probability.

Irrelevant of prophecies this transit of Rahu would impact everyone on earth. Below a general prediction of Rahu's transit for all the Moon Signs and Ascendants.

For Aries Sign & Ascendant

     ariesRahu transit via Fourth House brings troubles for Mother. There could be travel to foreign lands and troubles via it. Education could suffer or there could be break due to injury or some other trouble. There could be heart troubles for the aged. There could be troubles at home. There are chances of sudden death to native or family members. There could be troubles via income tax department and natives are advised to pay their taxes on time. There could also be promotions for few while for others there could be frictions with bosses, co-workers and employees.

For Taurus Sign & Ascendant

     taurusThese transit of Rahu via Third House could give positive results. Although the Saturn's Panoti could negate some of the effects. But still there are chances of marriages albeit impulsive marriages. Six months after October 2018 are especially great for marrying via blessings of Rahu and Jupiter. Rahu could bring legal troubles and frictions in business partnership. There could be foreign travels for lectures, seminars or religious purpose. Income could rise drastically for a few while for others there could be deservant promotions and income raise on hold.

Gemini Sign & Ascendant

     geminiRahu for Gemini Natives would be moving into Second House. This could definitely cause fluctuations in income and savings could see decline. There could be frictions and troubles with family members. Natives are advised not to preserve savings in gold or monetary assets during the next eighteen months. There could be mysterious health conditions which could plague the natives. Also there could be debt and troubles via frenemies(friends who envy you). There could be troubles for matters of taxes, inheritance and even death to few. There could also be troubles at work place and frictions with co-workers, employees and employers. Natives could also find it hard to get jobs if they are in service sector. Overall next eighteen months require some caution.

Cancer Sign & Ascendant

     cancerRahu clouds the mind and judgement. Cancer natives need to be very careful in business partnership as well as stay away from legal troubles. They are advised to avoid gambling and stock markets if possible. They can do stock markets but there should be careful planned investments only. There are bright chances of going to foreign lands for education, business, service or religious purpose during the next eighteen months. This period is fantastic for those who wish to marry. There could be impulsive marriages on card. And there could also be romance and romantic getway's on cards. This transit is great for romance and marriage but bad for business, profits and mental health.

Leo Sign & Ascendant

     leoLeo's have it tough for next eighteen months with Rahu entering the Twelfth House. They barely just passed the Saturn Panoti and Rahu comes into Twelfth House for them. They should take upmost care of health and finances. They should avoid unnecessary expenditures at all cost. They should avoid gambling at all costs during this Rahu transit and also there should be careful investments in Stock Markets, Land Buying or Selling as well as in Mutual Funds. They should resist the temptation to show off excess wealth or else income tax officials could come knocking on the doors. So Leo Natives need to wait for eighteen more months before they can breathe easy.

Virgo Sign & Ascendant

     virgoVirgo natives could see unexpected promotions and pay raise. They could also get money via stock markets provided they take careful and planned risks. But caution is required not to take blind risk or else losses could also follow. There could be some frictions at workplace and with neighbors but still overall Virgo's can charm their way out of troubles. Best part is there are great chances to marry if they so wish. Business may see some ups and downs and some caution is advised in partnership business.

Libra Sign & Ascendant

     libraThis transit is of Rahu via Tenth House for Librans. Its gonna cause some unexpected expenditures and savings would be impacted. There could be long and mysterious ailments which would deplete savings. Home and family life would be disrupted. At workplace also there are ups and downs possible. Frictions with superiors, co-workers and employees is possible although there are also chances of unexpected favors and promotions. Libra natives have already seen worst in form of Sade-Sati. Now Sade-Sati gets over for them and Jupiter blesses them for next two years. Librans can breath easy as this Rahu transit would not impact them that much.

Scorpio Sign & Ascendant

     scorpioScorpions have Rahu passing through the Ninth House. There could be unexpected foreign trips for business or travel purpose on the cards. Those going for higher education need to be careful in foreign surroundings. There could be mood swings, unnecessary stress and anxities which could trouble natives. There could be unexpected profits or losses in stock markets. Natives should avoid gambling and keep a low profile to avoid bad publicity. Other then that the next eighteen months are decent.

Sagittarius Sign & Ascendant

     sagittariusThose with Moon in Sagittarius Sign are the worst impacted by this Rahu transit. Not only Rahu but even Saturn would begin core-stage of Sade-Sati. Next eighteen months bring nothing but troubles. There could be death, disease, expenditures piling up. Savings would also suffer and so would family life. There could be frictions at home. Overall the next few years are testing times for Sagittarius natives.

Capricorn Sign & Ascendant

     capricornCapricorn natives should get good results from this Rahu transits. There could be unexpected profits in business and income via unexpected means. In some cases there could be losses. There could be new contacts and short travels on cards. Relationship with siblings and neighbors could see frictions. There could be anxiety and stress. Also native could feel neglected and prefer solitude due to Ketu in Ascendant. Best part is there is marriage on cards due to this transit. Those who are looking to marry can do so in next eighteen months due to blessings of Rahu.

Aquarius Sign & Ascendant

     aquariusAquarius natives have it tough with Rahu passing via Sixth House. Rahu would bring mysterious diseases and there could be hefty medical bills via them. Also savings are impacted. At work place there could be many ups and downs and relationship with boss, co-workers and employees could also be impacted. But on bright side there are chances of getting unexpected job and even promotions. Also if an Aquarius born native is trying to go to foreign country then Rahu provides a window of opportunity to fulfill the dream to visit foreign shores.

Pisces Sign & Ascendant

     piscesRahu enters the Fifth House for Pisces Natives. There could be negative publicity and losses via gambling. Native needs to be careful while investing in stock markets but Rahu being unpredictable does provide unexpected profits for a few. On the bright side there could be visit to foreign lands for lectures, seminars, education or religious purpose. There could also be new found faith in a religious cult. Rahu clouds the mind and native may take unnecessary risk during this period which may harm him afterwards. Some caution is required but overall its still a good transit as there are chances of foreign travels and unexpected profits.

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