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Jupiter Transit Via Libra

     Jupiter moves into Libra Sign around 12th September 2017. Jupiter is the planet of well-being, abundance, happiness, prosperity and auspiciousness. Libra Sign is the sign of balance and being a sign ruled by Venus it promotes fashion, arts, music, liberty and other finer things in life. Jupiter does not like Venus and Venus does not like Jupiter. But Jupiter in Libra Sign is not necessarily that bad as its is the sign of equality and balance.

Return Of Normalcy

     There could be peace agreements reached although Rahu in Cancer and Saturn in Sagittarius after October 2017 could promote animosity and wars. But still as long as Jupiter is in Libra Sign there are less likelihood of major wars happening. Also rains could be normal in most parts of the world. But there could be cyclones which could cause some troubles in coming year. Overall this transit of Jupiter provides balance and stability to political, social and economic factors influencing the world. Lets look at the impact of Jupiter on Twelve Signs

For Aries Sign & Ascendant

     ariesAries natives would feel blessed by Jupiter's transit via Libra. There could be expansion in business sector, new partnership in business, increase in means of income, possible promotions and pay rise as well as good relationships with siblings and neighbors. Communication at workplace and in social life could improve. Native could feel optimistic and happy. With Saturn Panoti stopping in November the results are far better. Best of them all there could be marriage on cards for those who wish to marry and settle down. Aries natives would find this Jupiter transit to be highly beneficial.

For Taurus Sign & Ascendant

     taurusJupiter's transit via Sixth House for Taurus natives is good for service sector and for career but not too good for health. Savings could also be impacted negatively. Those who wish to go abroad for higher studies like doctorate courses or to settle in foreign lands can do so in next thirteen months. Health could be impacted and there could be diseases due to obesity and over-eating. Natives are advised not to over-eat and exercise regularly. With Saturn starting panoti phase its all the more likely that natives see some form of troubles which impact family life and savings.

For Gemini Sign & Ascendant

     geminiJupiter's transit via Fifth House brings fortune, good luck, travels to far off locations as well as positive attitude. Next thirteen months is a great time for Gemini natives. Jupiter blesses them with fame and fortune. There could be huge gains in stock markets if there is planned investment. There can be long distance travels on cards for religious, education, business or romantic purpose. There could also be chance to expand business on foreign shores, chance to pursue higher education for students as well as attend seminars and conferences. Best of them all there is a sense of optimism for next thirteen months. Gemini natives benefit a lot from this Jupiter transit.

For Cancer Sign & Ascendant

     cancerThis Jupiter transit is great for property buying and selling. There is peaceful and cordial atmosphere at home. Those who are involved in farming or animal husbandry can see good profits. Those involved in automobile industry also benefit from this transit. There is good atmosphere at workplace and recognition from superiors and colleagues. There could also be chances to settle or travel abroad. Natives can get good gains via investment in mutual funds and there could be victory in inheritance cases. Overall a decent period awaits Cancer natives.

For Leo Sign & Ascendant

     leoLeo natives would feel blessed by this Jupiter Transit. Also Saturn stops panoti phase. So natives can relax. There is better communication possible with others at workplace or in education projects. Relationship with siblings and neigbors improve. Also there are chances of higher education, travelling abroad for business, education, religious or romantic purpose.There is pay raise and promotions on cards via blessings of Jupiter. There is also a chance to start new business venture or enter a business partnership. Best of them all there are chances of marriage via blessing of Jupiter. Only cause of concern is Rahu in Twelfth House. But overall this transit promotes well-being and happiness.

For Virgo Sign & Ascendant

     virgoFor Virgo natives, there is cause of concern as Saturn starts panoti. But Jupiter is beneficial. They can amaze good savings as well as improve family relations which may have gone bad. Those looking for second marriage can tie the knot. First timers also have better chance. There could be gains via mutual funds and there could be alimony or inheritance possible via long pending legal cases. Best of them all there is recognition from superiors and cordial relationship with co-workers and employees. Those looking for jobs in service sector also benefit for next thirteen months. But health could be cause of concern especially for those battling obesity and thyroid issues.

For Libra Sign & Ascendant

     libraLibra natives are finally free from Sade-Sati starting November. And Jupiter's transit is icing on the cake for them. They can finally relax, feel positive and also see progress in almost all spheres of life. There is fame and fortune via careful investment in stock markets. Also there are chances to start a business venture or get into a business partnership. Long distance travels for religious, business or education related purpose can also happen. Also natives can marry and go on romantic tours and there is abundance of love and romance in air for them. Overall libra natives can breathe easy as testing times are over for them and good times are about to begin for them.

For Scorpio Sign & Ascendant

     scorpioScorpions are not gonna like the next thirteen months or so as Jupiter moves through the House of Losses. There could be health issues as well as heavy losses. Also there could be losses in inheritance cases and income tax raids. There is already Sade-Sati final phase and Rahu causing tensions and mood swings. It ain't that nice when the planet of fortune transits via your Twelfth House. Still next thirteen months are good for those seeking service roles as well as for those who wish to travel abroad. But overall testing times await for Scorpion natives via this Jupiter transit.

For Sagittarius Sign & Ascendant

     sagittariusSagittarians have Sade-Sati core phase starting but Jupiter for next year atleast provides chances to marry. Those who are looking to settle down should marry but make sure that Venus, Moon or other benefic also aspects your marriage house before you marry. There are chances to open a new business venture. There are also chances to expand business. There are profits via systematic investments in stock markets and popularity in friends circle. Sagittarians should make most of next thirteen months and marry or start/expand business.

For Capricorn Sign & Ascendant

     capricornCapricorns can benefit from this Jupiter transit. There is positive atmosphere at workplace, There is acknowledgement from superiors and cordial relationship with co-workers and employees. Savings also improve. Family life also improves and there are happy and prosperous times possible at home. Those involved in automobile industry, farming and animal husbandry also benefit from this transit. Those looking for jobs in service sector can get good job offers if they try. Overall this Jupiter transit is very beneficial to Capricorn natives.

For Aquarius Sign & Ascendant

     aquariusNinth House transit of Jupiter brings chances to travel abroad for religious, education or business related purpose. Also one can travel abroad and increase romance and intimacy in love life. Best of them all there is positive attitude and optimism in native. Native can also get good benefits from stock markets as well as gain popularity. Those who wish to go to foreign for higher studies should do so in the next year. Overall Jupiter is great for next three years for Aquarius natives.

For Pisces Sign & Ascendant

     piscesThere are testing times for Pisces natives as the planet of fortune moves into Eight House of death and despair. Natives are advised not to try legal cases of inheritance or they stand to suffer huge financial loses. There could be troubles via income tax also. On bright side there is cordial relationship possible with family and savings in gold could provide decent returns. Natives should try not to reveal property and house related details to others. Buying or selling of property should be done legally and native should not showoff his/her property assets. Overall native needs to be careful for next thirteen months or so.

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