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Saturn Moves Into Sagittarius

     Saturn moves into Sagittarius Sign on 26th October 2017. From here on out Saturn won't enter Scorpio Sign again via retrogradation. World would see some changes especially some political clashes are not ruled out. Stock markets and economies of many countries may remain volatile. Below are generalised results which can be expected from Saturn's transit for those with Moon in Twelve Signs(Moon Based Vedic Astrology).

Moon in Aries Sign

ariesThose with Moon in Aries Sign can relax as panoti phase is over.

  • Saturn transit via Ninth House would mean long distance travels for religious or educational purpose, increase in income, possible promotions.
  • But on downside there could be frictions with neighbors and siblings as well as bad health.
  • Still Saturn for next few years is a lot favorable compared to previous years.

Moon in Taurus Sign

taurusThe next few years are a challenge as Panoti phase starts.

  • There are frictions with superiors, co-workers and employees. Career sees a lot of difficulties and chances of promotions and pay raise are less.
  • There could be legal cases, problems with tax officials as well as death and despair for few.
  • Savings are impacted negatively. Its better not to buy gold during this period.
  • There are frictions possible with children. In some cases there is negative publicity.
  • Break-ups and divorces are possible. Also there is loss in romance factor. All in all a time to take care.

Moon in Gemini Sign

geminiThis Saturn phase is decent. Its better to think of it as calmness before the storm.

  • Business sees some troubles. There are frictions and legal cases likely if involved in business partnership.
  • Marriage also sees minor misunderstanding and there are tensions and frictions at home. Those who have differences for sometime are likely to divorce owing to Ketu in Second House. Natives should take care in marriage and try to sort out differences.
  • Natives may need to go on long distance travels for job or business related purpose.
  • There could be property disputes and problems for those involved in real estate, farming and animal husbandry.
  • Native becomes negative and suffers from anxiety and other mental disorders during this transit of Saturn.

Moon in Cancer Sign

cancerThis Saturn phase is not so great for marriage and health but great for service roles and travels abroad.

  • Natives who are in service sector can get recognition and acknowledgement for their hard work.
  • Many may need to travel to foreign shores for work related purpose. Some may even have to permanently relocate.
  • There maybe differences in married life and possible court cases for divorce and separation.
  • Health suffers and natives wealth depletes due to health issues.
  • Natives should avoid fights and legal battles with siblings, neighbors and others who are close to them.

Moon in Leo Sign

leoPanoti phase is over so leo natives can relax. You are free from Saturn test. There maybe decrease in romance but overall this transit is beneficial.

  • As long as native is hard working there should be income raise and promotion on cards.
  • There maybe minor misunderstandings in marriage but still overall its a good phase for married couples due to blessings of Jupiter.
  • Romance and popularity may decrease. Native are advised to keep low profile to avoid negative publicity.
  • Savings stay low and natives are advised to avoid unnecessary expenditures.

Moon in Virgo Sign

virgoThis phase of Saturn transit would be a testing phase for Virgo natives. There are chances of difficulties and despair piling up. Natives are advised to take care.

  • Savings are impacted negatively and native has trouble saving any money.
  • There are despair and sorrows piling up in life. Frictions increases at home and natives are advised to keep calm.
  • There is stress, anxiety and depression piling up. Mental diseases are not ruled out.
  • Those in schools and colleges need to work very hard for decent grades.
  • There are possiblities of long term diseases as well debts piling up. There are also chances of harm from enemies.

Moon in Libra Sign

libraThis Saturn transit brings an end to your Sade-Sati phase. Starting 27th October 2017, libra natives might as well party cause the worst phase of their life is over. Now Sade-Sati and testing times are not going to harass them for another twenty seven years.

  • Natives see return of hope and optimism in life. There is return of normalcy in life which was missing for last eight years.
  • Some care is advised when dealing with siblings and neighbors. Also there are troubles likely when communicating in board rooms, meetings and educational group projects where team work and communication are involved.
  • Natives can travel to short distance, long distance as well as to foreign locations for education, business, job or romance related purpose.
  • With blessings of Jupiter, romance factor increases. Jupiter also boosts business, romance and travels.
  • Most of libra natives would find next few years happy and blissful. Enjoy them cause you deserve it after long, hard test of Sade-Sati.

Moon in Scorpio Sign

scorpioIts the last phase of Sade-Sati for Scorpio natives. They are tired and rightly so but they just need to wait for few more years. Time until October 2018 is likely to be an acid test. Afterwards with Jupiter helping time would be better for remaining Saturn transit.

  • There are major differences and fights with family members. Atmosphere at home is tense and worrying. Natives are advised to keep calm.
  • There could be obesity and related diseases troubling the natives. Savings are depleted and there are disease, death and misery piling up.
  • After October 2018 things are a bit better. Still next few years are testing times. Its the last phase of Sade-Sati so keep calm and pass it out. Better times await afterwards.

Moon in Sagittarius Sign

sagittariusCore phase of Sade-Sati is on you. Things would likely get worse as time progresses. Time especially after October 2018 is difficult.

  • There are mental tensions, anxiety and worries piling up on native.
  • Native struggles to find balance between career and marriage. There are possiblities of frictions and separation in marriage.
  • There is tension and pressure piling up at work place. Frictions with superiors, co-workers and employees is not ruled out. Even loss of job is possible in some cases.
  • Business as well as partnership business suffers during this phase especially after October 2018. There could be legal cases on cards.
  • Native gets help from siblings and neighbors. Communication improves and native can effectively market himself and his business.
  • Overall its a challenging phase. But with a little patience and calmness native can successfully sail through this difficult phase.

Moon in Capricorn Sign

capricornIts the start of Sade-Sati. Next seven to eight years of life would bring challenges, instability and difficulties. But if you keep calm and work hard then Saturn would surely reward you before or after Sade-Sati.

  • Savings would be depleted. Natives find it very hard to save money owing to various troubles.
  • There can be heavy losses both personal and monetary.
  • There are long term diseases and injuries possible. Natives are advised to take care of health or medical bills would keep piling up.
  • Next year till October 2018 is great for marriage and business. Owing to Saturn's aspect there can be long distance business or romantic trips.
  • Its start of new phase and new challenges. Natives require to prepare for upcoming Sade-Sati.

Moon in Aquarius Sign

aquariusThis Saturn transit is great for income and promotions. Native can relax and feel blessed for a few more years as both Jupiter and Saturn are favorable.

  • There are bright chances of getting promotions and pay raise. With a bit of hard work and networking skills natives can get desired success.
  • Native feels tense and anxious during this phase. But most of the tensions and worries are unwarranted.
  • Romance and popularity are less and native needs to take care not to spoil relationship.
  • Hidden investment like mutual funds, tax saver bonds and inheritance needs to be handled carefully. There could be trouble from tax officials.
  • Jupiter transit is helpful and would negate bad effects of Saturn during this transit.

Moon in Pisces Sign

piscesThis Saturn transit is troublesome to say the least. It might be good for career in service but there are problems in marriage, frictions at home as well as troubles in business.

  • Career in service roles is good and there are chances of promotions and accolades if native is a hard worker.
  • There are chances of heavy losses either personal or monetary or both.
  • Marriage and family life struggles and there are frictions and fights possible at home.
  • With Jupiter in House of Death its all more important that natives take care until October 2018.
  • There are high chances of relocation to a foreign country due to influence of Jupiter, Rahu and Saturn.
  • All in all this is a mix phase with time after October 2018 likely to be challenging. But afterwards there are better times.

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