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Jupiter's Transit via Scorpio Sign


     The most benefic planet in our solar system is about to enter Scorpio Sign on 11th October 2018. Scorpio Sign is the sign ruled by Mars who happens to be a very good friend of Jupiter. Jupiter's placement and aspects for next thirteen months would ensure abundant rain in most parts around the world. It would be a welcome transit for almost everyone except for those with Aries, Gemini or Sagittarius Signs and Ascendants.

     Jupiter would lessen the ill-effects of Saturn+Ketu who can cause famine and drought. Jupiter for next two years keeps some check on Saturn+Ketu who can lead to world crisis. Below are the possible effects of Jupiter's transit via Scorpio Sign on the Twelve Signs.

Aries Sign

aries sign      Those with Moon in Aries Sign could have it tough during this transit as the planet of abundance and prosperity is travelling through their Eight House which deals with death and despair. There could be losses both financial and personal. On the bright side though natives can earn handsome profits via investment in mutual funds and tax saver bonds. There could be unexpected inheritance and investment in gold provides good profits. Atmosphere at home improves and so does romance and intimacy in married life. There can be an amicable divorce and native can get a good amount as alimony.

Taurus Sign

taurus sign      Those with Moon in Taurus Sign have a golden time after 11th October 2018 for next thirteen months. Jupiter's transit via Seventh House means native can do great in business sphere and earn handsome profits from doing business. There can be new patnership business started and its a great time to invest in media and communication sector. Those in jobs also have good chances of getting promotions and pay raise. Relationship with spouse and siblings both improves. Those who wish to marry and settle down can do so via blessings of Jupiter for next thirteen months.

Gemini Sign

gemini sign      Those with Moon in Gemini Sign have a troublesome year starting 11th October 2018. Not only is the planet of prosperity in Sixth House of debts and disease but there is Saturn+Ketu in Seventh House which deals with Marriage and Business. There can be disease related to obesity and frequent hospital visits. On the bright side there are good chances of finding a good job for job seekers. Atmosphere at workplace would remain cordial and more responsibilities are allocated after seeing native's talents. Savings can deplete. Overall next few years are a testing phase of your life.

Cancer Sign

cancer sign      Those with Moon in Cancer Sign have a glorious year to look forward to after 11th October 2018. There is increase in stock market profits, positive frame of mind, increase in income as well as travel to foreign lands for religious, personal and business related purpose. Jupiter blesses natives with abundant love, romance, income and positivity. Those wanting a child are blessed with a beautiful and obedient child via blessings of Jupiter. Those with Moon in Cancer Sign are advised to make the most of the next thirteen months or so.

Leo Sign

leo sign      Those with Moon in Leo Sign have a great year to look forward to after 11th October 2018 as Jupiter travels via their Fourth House. There can be cordial atmosphere at home and at workplace. There are good profits via buying and selling property. Those who are in farming or animal breeding sector can earn handsome profits via blessings of Jupiter. There can be handsome inheritance on cards. Profits via mutual funds and tax saver bonds increase multi-folds. Those who wish to travel and settle in foreign lands can do so via blessings of Jupiter. Overall its a good thirteen months or so for Leo natives.

Virgo Sign

virgo sign      Those with Moon in Virgo Sign have a great year to look forward to after 11th October 2018 as Jupiter travels via their Third House. Relationship with siblings and neighbors improves and natives can communicate more effectively with others. There can be well deserved promotions and salary raise on cards. There are handsome profits in business sector and better relationships with business partner. There can be new business ventures opened and profits in offshore business rise dramatically. There can be foreign travels for business, religious or recreational purpose. Best of all marriage life is great and those who wish to marry and settle down can do so for next thirteen months via blessings of Jupiter. Overall Jupiter is great for next few years for Virgo natives.

Libra Sign

libra sign      Those with Moon in Libra Sign have a good year after 11th October 2018 for savings and family matters. Jupiter moves via your Second House and increases your financial stability. Its a great year to invest in gold as well as bank monetary schemes. There is cordial relationship with family members and chances of family expansion via marriage or birth of child increase multi-fold. This is a great year to invest in mutual funds and tax saver bonds. There can be victory in court cases if any and handsome alimony or inheritance recovered. There is great atmosphere at workplace and natives are rewarded with more responsibilities and better pay for their talents. Overall the worst period is behind for Libra natives and next few years are a blessing as long as ascendant is favorable.

Scorpio Sign

scorpio sign      Those with Moon in Scorpio Sign have a great escape via Jupiter's blessing after 11th October 2018. Jupiter keeps your mood positive and you remain optimistic for next few years. Saturn's last phase of Sade-Sati and Ketu joining Saturn in Second House after February 2019 do cause some havoc in your life but Jupiter nullifies some of the troubles caused by Saturn and Ketu. Jupiter ensures there is decent returns in business as well as profits in stock markets. Jupiter also allows foreign trips for religious, educational, business and recreational purpose. Those who wish to marry can do so after 11th October 2018 for next thirteen months as Jupiter is favorable. Its still a tough next few years due to Saturn and Ketu joining in Second House but Jupiter is definitely a life saver for Scorpio natives. Most of major devastation by Saturn and Ketu can be avoided with blessings of Jupiter. Still its better to be cautious for next few years.

Sagittarius Sign

sagittarius sign      It gets from bad to worse for those with Moon in Sagittarius Sign. There is absolutely no respite as planet of luck and happiness enters the Twelfth House of losses after October 11th 2018. Jupiter causes physical, financial and personal losses. There can be hospital stay and expensive medical bills. On the bright side those who wish to settle abroad can do so via blessings of Jupiter. Also those looking to get a good job can get one with help fo Jupiter. There can be amicable settlements in divorce and property cases after paying hefty payment. Overall the next few years are quite bad for Sagittarius natives. Only respite would be when Jupiter enters its own sign around November 2019.

Capricorn Sign

capricorn sign     For those with Moon in Capricorn Sign this transit of Jupiter after 11th October 2018 via Eleventh House is just what the doctor ordered. Jupiter would nullify some of the effects by Saturn+Ketu placed in Twelfth House of losses. Jupiter would give promotions and pay raise. There can be great profits via careful investment in stock markets. There are chances to expand business as well as forge new business partnership. Those wishing to marry and settle down or those wishing for a child can both get success via blessings of Jupiter. Marital life remains cordial via Jupiter's blessing.
     Jupiter may not be able to help much if it is weak at birthtime as Saturn+Ketu are in Twelfth House of losses for most part after February 2019.

Aquarius Sign

aquarius sign      Those with Moon in Aquarius Sign still have favorable planets for next few years. With Jupiter blessing their Tenth House of career after 11th October 2018 it just keeps getting better and better for them. There is increased workload, cordial relationship at workplace as well as possible promotions on card. Atmosphere at home and relationship with family members also improves. There can be obesity and related diseases. Chances of hospital visits and medical bills are not ruled out. Its a great time to buy and sell property and earn good profits. There is a golden time to invest in gold and monetary schemes after 11th October 2019. Next few years are better before troubles come calling so Aquarius natives are advised to make most of these good times.

Pisces Sign

pisces sign     Those with Moon in Pisces Sign have a golden period as planet of fortune and happiness is placed in Ninth House of Fortune after 11th October 2018. Jupiter blesses natives with positivity, hope and optimism in life. On the downside natives can gain weight and turn obese if they are not careful enough. Jupiter allows foreign trips for business, education, religious or recreational purpose. Jupiter also allows natives to study and settle abroad for higher education or via setting offshore business. Jupiter allows natives to earn handsome profits via long term investments in stock markets. Those who wish for a child can have a beautiful and obedient child via blessings of Jupiter. Overall its a great year to look forward to for Pisces natives after Jupiter enters Scorpio Sign around 11th October 2018.

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