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Rahu Enter Gemini

rahu     On March 7th 2019, Rahu would be entering Gemini which is its home. Gemini is business minded and Rahu is born to take risky bets. With Rahu in Gemini those who know how to take calculative risk stand to earn a fortune. But those who take blind risk stand to lose a fortune in the next eighteen months. Problem around this time is Saturn is in opposite sign Sagittarius and will be aspecting Rahu. That means Ketu would be placed alongside Saturn in Sagittarius.

     There are reasonable reasons to believe there is a looming financial crisis judging from previous financial crisis. Several countries could see political tensions and conflicts rise due to Saturn-Rahu aspecting each other. Chances of natural disasters are not ruled out during this time. Time between March 7th 2019 and January 20th 2019 could be problematic for world peace and economic stability. Below are the possible effects of Rahu's transit via Gemini Sign on the Twelve Signs.

Aries Sign

aries     Aries natives have Rahu in Third House. Next eighteen months provide ample of opportunities for business progress and earning extra income. On the downside marriage life can have many ups and downs. There can be fights with siblings and neighbors which can turn into court battles later if not handled carefully. Friends remain indifferent towards natives. There can be problems in patnership business and legal troubles are a possibility. Still compared to other signs the outlook is optimistic for Aries.

Taurus Sign

taurus     Taurus have a nightmare of a year with Rahu in Second House. But on the bright side those who plan their finances and invest in the right places see unexpected rise in savings. For others there are health issues and losses in courts possible. There can be troubles from tax officials and natives are advised to pay their taxes on time. There are fights with in-laws and divorce on cards if native isn't careful in marriage. Career sees growth and progress due to Rahu's friendly aspect on career house(Tenth House). Some differences remain with colleagues and boss.

Gemini Sign

gemini     Gemini have Rahu in their own sign. Rahu increases tension and anxiety and aspect of Saturn on Rahu only makes matters worse. Some care is advised while investing in stock markets. Gemini natives must stay away from gambling for next three years or results could be catostrophic. Marriage could see lots of misunderstandings and fights. There could be break-ups or bad love interest. On the bright side there are chances for foreign travels. There are religious pilgrimages, chances to expand offshore business as well as seminars and conferences on foreign soils. Still next few years are tough due to Rahu.

Cancer Sign

cancer     Rahu is in house of losses(Twelfth House). Its not the best position for Rahu with heavy financial or personal losses possible. Saturn's aspect on house of losses and Rahu just makes matters worse. Severe health problems and hospital stay are not ruled out. Court cases could be troubling and there can be troubles from tax officials as well. On the bright side those who wish to travel and settle abroad have a golden year albeit problems do remain on foreign soil. Some lucky few could get sudden and unexpected inheritance due to Rahu's aspect.

Leo Sign

leo     Rahu's transit via Gemini provides decent results for Leo natives. Income could be unsteady due to Rahu's placement in house of income(Eleventh House). Saturn's aspect limits other extra income sources so there is a cash crunch possible. But those who work hard see pay raise and promotions. There are chances of good profits in stock markets provided there is long term investment and calculated risk taken. Love remains strong in marriage life but lovers could see break-ups due to Ketu and Saturn. Friends, siblings, neigbors and networking contacts can remain indifferent due to Rahu's influence. Some care is advised when dealing with them.

Virgo Sign

virgo     Virgo's have it tough with Rahu entering their career house. Saturn's aspect from Fourth House and Rahu's placement means both home and career could suffer. Vigo natives would find it hard to balance home and work life. Frictions and fights are possible at home and at workplace. Health can suffer and there are chances of hospital stay and expensive medical bills. Savings could deplete on health grounds so regular exercise, pranayam and patience are required to pass out this difficult phase of life.

Libra Sign

libra     Librans have Rahu entering Ninth House of fortune which provides mixed results for them. Health could suffer especially mental health. There can be anxiety, depression and mood swings for some natives. On bright side there are chances to travel to foreign lands and settle there. Those studying for higher education on foreign soil have it tough for next few years. Stock markets needs careful and smart investment for better profits. There can be new love and increase in romance for Libran lovers. Married Libra natives can look forward to romance and romantic tours via this Rahu transit.

Scorpio Sign

scorpio     Life of Scorpio natives would go from bad to worse with Rahu entering their Eight House of death and despair. Scorpions have already suffered enough due to Saturn's Sade-Sati so this transit of Rahu via Eight House is like adding salt to the wound. Scorpions are resilient and hard working so they would definitely be able to pass this difficult phase. Taxes should be paid on time and natives should avoid unnecessary court cases if possible. Scorpions should keep a check on their expenditure and try to save as much as possible. They should try not to buy or sell property for next few years. Atmosphere at home remains tensed. There can be financial or personal losses or both. Patience and calmness are needed to pass this difficult phase of life.

Sagittarius Sign

sagittarius     Rahu enters the house of marriage for Sagittarius natives. There can be frictions and misunderstandings in married life. Business and patnership also see differences and fallouts. Worst of them all tension, anxiety and worries plague the natives mind. There can be problems with siblings and neighbors. On the bright side there can be unexpected increase in income via Rahu's friendly aspect. Still overall Rahu's transit via Gemini is troublesome for Sagittarians.

Capricorn Sign

scorpio     Rahu enters the house of debts and disease for Capricorn natives. Naturally there can be health issues especially related to digestive tract. Hospital stay, several medical tests and expensive medical bills are a possibility so Capricornians need to take care of their health and exercise regularly. There can be both financial and personal losses due to Rahu's aspect and Saturn's placement in Twelfth House of losses. Capricorn natives need to avoid unnecessary expenditure, try to save as much as possible and avoid frictions with family members during this Rahu transit.

Aquarius Sign

aquarius     Aquarius have it decent via this Rahu transit. Rahu allows them to get great returns from stock markets. Income could suffer as Saturn is already placed in Eleventh House of income and with Rahu aspecting it there can be stoppage in income flow. Promotions and pay raise maybe put on hold. There can be fights and indifferences with friends. There is little or no help possible from networking contacts and social circles. Aquarians have worrisome personality so they need to do pranayam regularly to avoid any mental illness that Rahu's aspect can cause. Still compared to others its not a bad transit for Aqurians provided their job/business is stable.

Pisces Sign

pisces     Pisceans have some troubling times to look forward to. Saturn is in career house and Rahu is in Fourth House of home and shelter. So both the career and home are affected by Saturn and Rahu who are the two most malefic planets in the solar system. Pisces natives need to take care of taxes and try to control their losses as much as possible. Pisceans are advised not to buy or sell property for next few years. There can be physical as well as financial losses for some. On the bright side there are chances of travelling and settling in foreign lands for aspirants. Still Rahu's transit via Gemini and its association with Saturn means Pisceans need to be careful.

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