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Ketu's transit via Sagittarius

ketu     Ketu is the lower half of Rahu which is always travelling 180 degrees away from Rahu. Ketu is associated with spirituality and renounciation of wordly desires. But its also known to cause serious anger management issues and anti-social behavior. Come March 7th 2019, this anti-social, always angry and frustrated Ketu would join Saturn in fiery Sagittarius. And the whole world would feel the heat of it. As explained in Rahu transit via Gemini there can be economical and political crisis and we are already seeing symptoms of them much before the transit starts.

     Ketu joining Saturn would impact most of the signs but those who have these two joining in Dushamsthanas might wanna watch out the time between March 2019 and February 2020. Below are the possible effects of Ketu's transit via Sagittarius Sign on the Twelve Signs.

Aries Sign

     Aries natives don't need to worry too much as Ketu is transiting through their Ninth House of fortune. Yes there can be break in fortune and luck factor in life but with a little hard work things might work out in favor of Aries natives. Ketu and Saturn together in Ninth House do pose serious health problems via aspect. But compared to other signs Ketu's transit for Aries natives is a lot better.

Taurus Sign

     Taurus natives are the hardest hit as Ketu would be travelling via their Eight House. There can be divorce, death of near and dear ones as well as problems from tax and government officials. Next eighteen months till September 2020 can be quite bothersome for Taurus natives. Some tact and diplomacy are advised when dealing with spouse and in-laws. Also advised is paying taxes on time and staying away from directly challenging those in power.

Gemini Sign

     Gemini have Ketu in Seventh House alongside Saturn. There can be problems in marriage and business partnership. There can also be legal cases to deal with. Business has its fair share of problems but more importantly peace and happiness are missing from life.

Cancer Sign

     Cancer natives have Ketu in Sixth House alongside Saturn. Digestive problems especially related to intestine are a possibility. Hospital stay is not ruled out. Death and disease are a possibility to native as well as those close to him/her. Best to exercise and take care of health.

Leo Sign

     Leo's don't have to worry too much as Ketu is transiting via Fifth House for them. Some care is advised in stock markets. There can be break-ups in cards for lovers. Frictions and differences with children can increase especially teenagers. Its wise to stay away from gambling and easy money for next eighteen months. Still the outlook is a lot positive for Leo's compared to other signs.

Virgo Sign

     One of the worst hit by Ketu's transit are Virgo natives due to Ketu in Fourth House of home and shelter. There can be frictions at home and at workplace. Home and work life both suffer for next eighteen months. Virgo natives are advised calm and restraint during this tough phase of life.

Libra Sign

     Ketu passes via the Third House for Librans. It can cause frictions with siblings and neighbors. Travels both long and short can cause fatigue and frustrations to pile up. Overall Ketu's transit is favorable for Librans and unlikely to cause much troubles in their life.

Scorpio Sign

     Scorpions have the last phase of Sade-Sati to deal with and Ketu joins Saturn in Second House for them. Ketu would likely impact family as well as savings during this transit. Scorpions have had it tough for last 6-7 years due to Sade-Sati and this is the final test they have to endure. After January 20th 2020 things would be a lot better for them. Genuine advise for Scorpions is to hang tight and pass this difficult nine months and things would be a lot better afterwards.

Sagittarius Sign

     Ketu joins Saturn in own sign for Sagittarians. And things could turn quite problematic especially for physical and mental health. Native feels lonely and cut-off from others and could develop social phobia. Anger and frustration could increase. There could be mental diseases like depression and anxiety. Its necessary for Sagittarians to keep calm, do pranayam and jogging as well as try to stay positive during this tough Ketu transit.

Capricorn Sign

     Capricornians have Ketu enter their Twelfth House of losses. They can expect personal and financial losses during the next eighteen months. Gambling and other short-cuts to money making should be avoided till Ketu clears the Twelfth House of losses. Proper exercise and diet are advised to avoid health issues. Capricorn natives should not let anger and frustration get the better of them or else they could spoil many a relationships during the next eighteen months or so.

Aquarius Sign

     Aquarius natives don't have much to worry about since Ketu would be in Eleventh House for them. Their income flow could remain unsteady or stop altogether in some cases. Aquarians are advised to be humble and empathetic towards their friends or they risk losing their precious friendship. Still with a little care and hard work most of issues can be averted.

Pisces Sign

     Pisces natives have Ketu transiting via their Tenth House which looks after career. There can be frustrations piling up due to work pressure and frictions with superiors and co-workers are not ruled out. Their home life is also impacted during this transit. Some calmness, tact and diplomacy are required to handle work and peer pressure at work place. Things improve a bit at work place after Saturn moves out of Tenth House on January 20th 2020.

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