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General Prediction

     2018 for Gemini Natives is a good year though some caution is required. There could be problems for married couples, losses for those fighting legal cases as well difficult times for students and those in real estate business. Its not necessarily a bad year but some caution would help.

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Important Transitions

     Jupiter remains in Libra Sign in the Fifth House until 11th October 2018. Thereafter it moves into the Sixth House. Life is troublesome after 11th October 2018.

     Saturn is good for next few years. It stays in the Seventh House in Sagittarius Sign for whole year round.

      Rahu is in Second House in Cancer Sign. It stays there for whole of year. Health troubles are likely due to this placement.

Career in Job Sector

  • Some in job sector could see unexpected job promotions. But others could see tensions and frictions at workplace. Rahu's aspect brings chaos and unpredictably at workplace with some gaining while others stand to loose.
  • Those looking for good job opportunities have better chances after Mid-October due to Jupiter's blessings.
  • Chances of job relocation especially to foreign lands as well as long distance travels are not ruled out.
  • Income remains stable for most part of the year. Chances of pay raise are there provided natives work hard.

Career in Business Sector

  • Business should expect less profits though there are chances of business expansion during next few years.
  • Those involved in offshore business have a great chance for business expansion on foreign lands until Mid-October.
  • Those in real estate could see troubles via land dealings. Its best to stay away from investing huge amount of money in real estate for next few years.
  • Partnership business is less favorable for next few years due to Saturn's presence.
  • Overall next few years require caution in business owing to Saturn and Rahu. Its best to diversify business as well as avoid unnecessary risk in 2018.


  • Finances remain strong due to Jupiter's blessing. Income increases and native finds new sources of income which improve financial stability.
  • Savings remain volatile and its best to avoid investment in gold, mutual funds, bonds and any bank schemes.
  • Chances of debts are not ruled out due to Rahu's aspect. Chances of debts via long medical stay are a possibility.
  • Natives should avoid investments in real estate, farming and animal husbandry.
  • Stock markets provide with good option to improve investments. As long as there are long term investments done there could be healthy returns in stock markets.
  • Natives involved in offshore business get good returns until Mid-October 2018. Those who frequently travel abroad also stand to gain via those travels.
  • Overall income stays strong but savings could vary. Investment in stock markets and offshore business is advisable during 2018.

Married Couples

  • Married couples have it tough for next few years. There are frictions with family members, troubles at home and separation from spouse quite likely.
  • Those in stable relationship have a great year. There is abundant romance and romantic travels to foreign destination on cards.
  • Couples who are having differences need to maintain calm otherwise results could be catastrophic.
  • Those who have opted for separation would receive divorce before March 2019 and the process would be painful experience.
  • Relationship with children remains good during this year and children maybe able to calm the natives who have differences with spouse.
  • Overall this year promises to be great for those in stable relationship. Only those who have differences need to be careful. Those who have filed for divorce would all but see separation and the process would be painful experience.

Lovers & Marriage Hopefuls

  • 2018 is definitely a great year for lovers with abundant love and romance in the air. There are also chances of travels to foreign destinations.
  • Those looking to find new love can do so during the first ten months of 2018. Chances are bright to find a romantic love interest.
  • Its gonna be difficult for lovers to settle down in 2018 unless other factors in horoscope help.
  • Second marriage hopefuls stand a better chance compared to first time marriage hopefuls.
  • Overall its a great year for lovers with romance and love in the air but chances of settling down are slim for next few years.


  • Those in schools and colleges may need to work hard to secure good grades. Chances of failures are not ruled out.
  • Those wishing to travel to foreign countries for higher education have a great chance during next two years.
  • Those involved in Phd and research have better prospects after Mid-October.
  • Those in Masters and Post Grad education have a great year until Mid-October.
  • Education is great for most part of the year. Only those in schools and colleges have it tough with Saturn's aspect. But a little hard work would help them pass the difficult phase.


  • Health is a cause of worry especially problems related to stomach, intestine and lower parts as well as sexual organs.
  • Rahu aspects and Ketu's placement give troubles related to digestive tract especially lower part of intestine and anus.
  • Saturn could disrupt menstrual cycle among women and men could equally suffer from urinal incontinence.
  • After Mid-October there are chances of disease related to obesity if native is not careful in his diet.
  • Mental health remains positive and native remains optimistic and cheerful due to Jupiter's blessings.
  • Its a decent year for health. Troubles related to digestion could worry native for whole of 2018.

Jupiter's Transit

  • Jupiter is favorable until Mid-October. After Mid-October Jupiter moves into Sixth House and there could be health issues related to obesity.
  • During first ten months Jupiter promises positive outlook and happiness in life.
  • There are chances of foreign travels for business, education, romance or job related purpose.
  • Profits from stock markets and gambling are also a possibility.
  • Those wishing to study and migrate to foreign countries can do so in 2018.
  • Overall Jupiter promises happiness and success until Mid-October. Afterwards some troubles related to health and foreign travels are likely.

Saturn's Transit

  • Saturn is favorable for next few years. Only those in marriage and business need to be a little cautious.
  • Saturn promises long distance travels for work or education related purpose. There could be profits from those travels.
  • Saturn may increase tension and worry but it would also help native stay grounded during next few years.
  • Its not a good year for those with frictions in marriage. Saturn and Ketu all but ensure separation and process is painful.
  • Even those with differences in partnership business see court cases and feuds before going separate ways.
  • Business sees less profits during the next few years. Its a good year to expand business even if profits remain low.
  • Those in schools and colleges need to work very hard to get decent grades.
  • Those in real estate business and farming need to be careful and expect low profits due to Saturn's aspect.
  • Overall Saturn advises caution for marriage and business partnerships. Also those in education, farming and real estate suffer. Rest of them can breathe easy as Saturn is still favorable for next few years.

Rahu's Transit

  • Rahu is favorable for next few years. Although Ketu in Eight House could cause issues with in-laws and lead to possible divorce.
  • Those in service sector could see problems finding jobs and those already employed would see troubles with boss and co-workers.
  • Rahu and Ketu can cause health issues especially for digestive and sexual organs. Some caution is advised.
  • Savings could be depleted owing to bad health and other problems. Native is advised to avoid investment in golds, tax saver bonds and mutual funds.
  • Second marriage hopefuls have a golden chance to get married and settle down in life.
  • Rahu is favorable in 2018 for Gemini natives. Only those with health issues and frictions in marriage need to be careful.

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