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General Prediction

    2018 promises to have its ups and downs for Cancer natives. There can be marriage on cards and good returns for those in real estate and farming. There could be long distance travels to far off countries.

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Important Transitions

     Jupiter remains in Libra Sign in the Fourth House until 11th October 2018. Thereafter it moves into the Fifth House. Jupiter provides happiness all year round.

     Saturn is in the Sixth House in Sagittarius Sign for whole year round. Its good for hardworking candidates employed in service sector.

      Rahu is in First House in own sign. It stays there for whole of year. There could be mental troubles but this year also promises long distance travels to foreign countries.

Career in Job Sector

  • Saturn blesses hard working candidates with progress and stability for next few years.
  • Income could rise after Mid-October.
  • There is good rapport with boss, superiors, co-workers and employees at work place.
  • Native gets success and recognition for his work. There are also chances of promotions for few.
  • Overall its a great year for those working in the job sector.

Career in Business Sector

  • Business sees its ups and downs with Rahu influencing the Business House.
  • Those involved in offshore business could see troubles and long distance travels to sort out those troubles.
  • Partnership business is not advisable until March 2019.
  • Any plans for business expansion should be carried out only after Mid-October.
  • Those involved in real estate, travel business, home construction, interior design and farming have a great year. There could be healthy profits in all those sector for most part of the year.
  • Overall its a good year for those in business. Still some caution is required in partnership business and offshore business.


  • Finances stay strong for whole year. Income stays strong while there are no bad influence on savings house.
  • There can be multiple source of income after Mid-October. There can be healthy profits from mutual funds and tax saver bonds as well.
  • Some of the natives could also receive unexpected riches via inheritance.
  • Buying and selling of land could also provide with healthy returns during most parts of the year.
  • Stock markets should be done with utmost care. If there is blind risk taken then native stands to lose otherwise there would be healthy profits.
  • Natives are advised not to overspend on foreign travels.
  • Overall its a great year for finance. But blind risk in stock markets and overspending while on foreign travels need to be avoided.

Married Couples

  • Its a good year for romance and romantic travels to far off destination. Both love and romance are abundant for married couples in 2018.
  • Those with differences should be careful. Somewhere in 2019 things could go worse so some caution is advised.
  • There is increase in love and understanding for most couples. Romance and travels keep the relationship stable for whole year.
  • Atmosphere at home and with in-laws can improve during this year.
  • Its a good year overall for married couples. There are no major indications of troubles in married life for this year.

Lovers & Marriage Hopefuls

  • Lovers in stable relationship could see increase in romance and passion. There can be romantic travels to foreign destinations.
  • Those wanting to find new love can do so all year round. Though a faithful and understanding love interest would come calling only after Mid-October.
  • There are possibilities of break-ups as well as falling for unfaithful/opportunist lovers due to Rahu's influence. Its advisable to be careful and not do anything that native may regret later.
  • Lovers who are hoping to get married can do so all year round due to Rahu's blessing.
  • Overall its a good year for lovers. Still its advisable to be safe until Mid-October when dealing with romantic love interests.


  • Students have a great year owing to Jupiter's blessing.
  • Those in schools and colleges can get great grades provided they work hard. There are ample opportunities to join distinguished and reputed colleges for those seeking college degrees.
  • Those wishing to go to foreign countries for higher education can do so for whole year. But chances are far better after Mid-October.
  • Some troubles are possible for those in Masters, Post-Grad or those studying in foreign countries.
  • Phd and research students have a great year in academics due to Jupiter's blessing.
  • Overall its a great year for students. There is success and progress in education sphere all year round.


  • Health remains a cause of concern for most part of year especially the digestive tract owing to Saturn and Ketu.
  • There is increase in mental worries, anxieties and depression for whole of year.
  • There can be problems in stomach, intestine and kidneys. Natives should consume fruit juice and digestive foods in sufficient quantity to avoid problems.
  • There could be long duration of hospital stays owing to Saturn's placement and medical bills could keep piling up.
  • Its not a good year for health. Natives are advised to take care of health especially digestive system. Exercise and proper diet are advised.

Jupiter's Transit

  • Jupiter is favorable for next few years. There are chances of inheritance as well as profits from land dealings.
  • Those in education sector could benefit all year round due to Jupiter's transit via Fourth and Fifth House.
  • Those involved in real estate, farming, animal husbandry, house construction, interior designing and travel business all stand to gain until Mid-October.
  • Time after Mid-October is great for stock markets and offshore business. One can expect healthy profits from both sectors.
  • Jupiter gives blessings for those wishing to settle in foreign countries. Time until Mid-October is great to migrate and settle in foreign lands.
  • Jupiter is going to be great for next few years. Cancer natives should make the most of these beneficial transits via Fourth and Fifth House.

Saturn's Transit

  • Saturn in 2018 promises to be good for those in service sectors. There could be new opportunities as well as promotions for hard working individuals.
  • There could be health issues especially related to abdomen and digestive tract.
  • Long duration hospital stay and hefty medical bills due to them are not ruled out.
  • There could be travels or settlement in foreign lands for work related purpose.
  • Those fighting legal and inheritance cases could see victory but after considerable troubles. If case keeps dragging then there could be loss also.
  • There could be fights with neighbors and siblings as well as communication problems at workplace.
  • Still Saturn is good for next few years. Saturn is unlikely to cause major troubles which he is famous for.

Rahu's Transit

  • Rahu gives both good and bad results during 2018.
  • Rahu is great for long distance travels to foreign lands as well as for those seeking higher education.
  • Rahu is not so great for those involved in offshore business and travels to sort out business issues are indicated.
  • Rahu is not good for mental health either. There could be anxieties, depression and mental worries troubling the natives.
  • Rahu is great for romance and those who wish to marry and tie the knot.
  • Ketu can cause digestive troubles especially in lower abdomen and intestine.
  • Rahu is a mixture of good and bad as far as 2018 is concerned for Cancer natives.

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