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General Prediction

     2018 promises to be start of great times as Sade-Sati of Saturn is over. Jupiter is great for next few years although Rahu can be a bit bothersome for career, health and savings.

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Important Transitions

     Jupiter is in own sign until 11th October 2018. Afterwards it moves into the Second House in Scorpio Sign. Its a great year for business, romance, marriage and long distance travels. Time after Mid-October is favorable for savings, inheritance and service sector.

     Saturn is in Sagittarius Sign in Third House for whole of 2018. Its a good year overall but some unnecessary expenditures could trouble natives.

     Rahu is in Cancer Sign in the Tenth House for the whole of year. Its going to be bothersome for career as well as for home environment. Its gonna increase unnecessary expenditure also during 2018.

Career in Job Sector

  • Its going to be a troublesome year for job seekers due to Rahu. Good jobs are hard to find.
  • It would hard to focus on work at hand and there could be troubles with co-workers, harassment from superiors as well as job loss.
  • Politicians, actors and other artists may see progress and popularity rise during 2018.
  • Chances of job transfers and foreign re-settlement for job purpose are not ruled out.
  • Its a year of caution for both the job seekers as well as those already employed in job sector.

Career in Business Sector

  • Its a great time till Mid-October for those in business sector. Afterwards also there are no major cause of concern.
  • Those who wish to start a new business venture or expand their business can do so before Mid-October.
  • Those involved in offshore business can look forwards to travels and profits via those travels.
  • Some caution would be required for those involved in offshore business due to Saturn's aspect.
  • Patnership business is favorable for all of 2018.
  • Overall its a great year for business. Some troubles are possible for those involved in offshore business.


  • Finances remain a cause of concern with savings getting negatively impacted by Rahu.
  • Its not a good year for those with land assets. Its advisable to stay away from buying or selling huge land property.
  • Those in stock markets can get good financial returns provided there is smart and sensible investments.
  • There can be good financial gains from foreign exchange and trading as well as from foreign travels.
  • There can be gains via mutual funds and tax saver bonds after Mid-October. Some may see huge financial gains via inheritance.
  • Savings could deplete due to poor health and family troubles. Assets in gold could also bring troubles.
  • Its best to save money in stock markets, mutual funds and tax saver bonds this year.

Married Couples

  • 2018 is the time to increase romance, understanding and love in married life.
  • Rahu's can cause some misunderstandings in family life but major troubles are unlikely.
  • 2018 promises to be a great year to go on romantic travels and increase intimacy in married life.
  • Last few years could have been bothersome for couples due to Sade-Sati. 2018 is the time to correct those misunderstandings and start a new life together.
  • There are no major indications of divorce though minor frictions are possible at home due to Ketu.
  • All in all its a great year for married couples. Its time to sort out differences, ignore small faults and increase romance as well as understanding in married life.

Lovers & Married Couples

  • 2018 is a great year for lovers as there is romance and love in the air.
  • Those who wish to find new love can do so before Mid-October with Jupiter's blessing.
  • Lovers can go on long distance travels to increase romance and intimacy in love life.
  • Best of them all lovers who wish to marry and settle down can do so during 2018.
  • Second marriage hopefuls can marry after Mid-October while first marriage hopefuls can do so during most of the year.


  • Its a troublesome year for students in schools and colleges with Rahu's aspect. They need to focus hard on their studies.
  • There are chances of drop-out from studies due to health or other personal problems.
  • Those in Masters and Post Grad education have a better time but still hard work is required.
  • Those who wish to travel to foreign countries for higher education can do so during entire year though better chances are there before Mid-October.
  • Those in Phd. and research would need to focus on their research studies and dissertation and work extra hard.
  • Its not a great year for students in schools, colleges and research. Those who wish to travel abroad for education can gain before Mid-October.


  • Health is a cause of worry due to Rahu and Saturn. Jupiter can increase obesity and related problems.
  • Rahu's aspect causes diseases which cannot be diagnosed easily. Natives can lose substantial amount of money behind medical tests.
  • Chances of long medical stay and hefty medical bills are definitely not ruled out this year.
  • There are also chances of heart troubles and chest pain. Heart surgeries are not ruled out during 2018.
  • 2018 is great for mental health with optimism and hope returning back in life.
  • Its not that great year for physical health but mental health stays strong for next few years.

Jupiter's Transit

  • Jupiter is great for business, marriage and long distance travels until Mid-October.
  • After Mid-October, Jupiter provides relief for job seekers and those in service sector.
  • Natives can increase love and romance in married life as well as sort out differences.
  • Business expansion can be done and one can also enter partnership business.
  • There are chances of becoming a parent with blessings of Jupiter.
  • One can go on long distance travels for job, business, education or romantic purpose before Mid-October.
  • There are gains from stock markets as long as there is sensible and smart investments done.
  • Jupiter is gonna be great for next few years. Libra natives should feel positive and optimistic in 2018 as Jupiter is in own sign.

Saturn's Transit

  • Saturn Sade-Sati is over and native can look forward to a new beginning in 2018.
  • There can be frictions with siblings and neighbors as well as communication problems at workplace.
  • Saturn would reward those who invest for long term in stock markets.
  • Saturn also provides blessings along with Jupiter for those who wish to become a parent.
  • Saturn helps those who wish to travel to foreign countries for job, business or education related purpose.
  • Chances of personal or monetary losses are not ruled out during the next few years.
  • Those in Phd. or research studies need to focus and work extra hard or else Saturn would show them failures.
  • Still 2018 is great year and one can expect little or no troubles from Saturn. Libra natives can breathe easy as worst phase of Saturn is over.

Rahu's Transit

  • Rahu could be bothersome this year and could impact both health and savings.
  • There could be frictions and misunderstandings at workplace with superiors and co-workers. Job loss is not ruled out.
  • Natives could find troubles balancing personal and professional life.
  • There are long term hospital stay and savings could suffer from costly medical tests and bills.
  • Its not a great year for those in schools or colleges with chances of failures and drop-outs likely.
  • There can be heart surgeries for natives who suffer from heart troubles. Some caution is required.
  • Overall its a bothersome time due to Rahu and Ketu. Natives need to be careful about health and savings.

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