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taurus     2019 is a challenging year for Taurus natives with Ketu joining Saturn in the Eight House. Jupiter does provide some relief for marriage, business and income but overall it would be a tough experience for Taurus natives.

Note: This reading is for natives born with Moon in Taurus Sign according to vedic astrology. But it would also serve as a reference point for those born with Taurus Ascendant according to vedic astrology.

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Important Transitions

     Jupiter remains in Scorpio Sign which is your Seventh House until March 29th 2019. From March 29th to April 22nd it stays in Sagittarius Sign. Afterwards it moves back into Scorpio Sign and stays there until November 2019. After November 2019 Jupiter stays in Sagittarius Sign for rest of the year.

     There are troublesome times due to Saturn in Eight House in Sagittarius Sign. Ketu joining it after February 2019 just makes matters worse.

     Rahu is in Cancer Sign at beginning of the year. Aftewards Rahu moves into Gemini Sign which is your Second House on 7th March 2019 and stays there for rest of the year.

Career in Job Sector

  • There is Saturn and Rahu influencing your career house while Rahu influences your Sixth House which looks after service roles.
  • Those who work hard fare better as compared to others.
  • On downside there could be frictions with superiors and co-workers as well as increased workload.
  • Its not a good year for those working in back-office like clerical, income-tax, software or technical fields with placement of Saturn and Ketu.
  • Job promotions and salary raise are a possibility till November 2019.

Career in Business Sector

  • Business is good for most part of the year bearing two months between February and April 2019.
  • With Jupiter's blessing business runs smooth and chances of increased profits are a possibility.
  • Business can be expanded and new partnership business forged during 2019.
  • Still some challenges are likely with Saturn and Ketu aspecting your career house.
  • Heavy financial investment in business should be put on hold till 2020 to avoid troubles later.


  • Savings would deplete after February 2019 due to influence of Saturn and Rahu.
  • But income remains strong with strong aspect of Jupiter.
  • There are chances of extra-income via doing extra jobs or working extra hours at office.
  • Stock markets provide good returns for long term investors.
  • Short term and risky stock investment should be avoided due to Saturn's aspect. Saturn hates short cuts and it punishes those who try short cuts in life.
  • Overall 2019 is a year to save as much money as you can to avoid troubles later.

Married Couples

  • Married couples have a great year via blessings of Jupiter.
  • Married couples can increase love, understanding and financial growth this year.
  • Those planning parent-hood can get success by end of year via Jupiter's blessing.
  • Couples can go on romantic trips to far-off foreign lands.
  • Those who are fighting a divorce case see ugly separation after March 2019.

Lovers & Marriage Hopefuls

  • Its a great year for those wishing to marry and settle down.
  • Rahu and Jupiter allow natives to marry whole year round.
  • Lovers could see misunderstandings increase and even break-ups if they are not careful.
  • New love is hard to find due to Saturn's aspect.


  • There are no major influence which trouble students. Still family problems could make it hard to focus on studies.
  • Those in schools and colleges should work hard to get decent grades.
  • Those in Post Grad and Masters education can pass the year without any troubles.
  • Foreign education aspirants have a better chance after March 2019.
  • Phd and Research students see gradual progress in their thesis report and research subject. Time is much more favorable after November 2019 for research due to Jupiter's blessing.


  • Health remains a cause of worry. There can be problems in private organs and excretary system due to Saturn and Ketu.
  • There are chances of haemorhoids, constipacy or other disease related to the excretary system.
  • Chances of hospital stay are not ruled out as Rahu aspects the Sixth House of disease.
  • Those having back problems could see pain increase due to Saturn and Ketu's influence.
  • Chances of there for accidental injury so due care needs to be taken while driving especially by youngsters.

Jupiter's Transit

  • Jupiter is favorable for marriage, business and income until November 2019.
  • There is increase of romance and understanding in marriage life as well as chance for financial growth.
  • Business remains stable and there are chances of business expansion as well as good business profits.
  • Promotions and pay raise are there for those in job sectors. Also new means of income can pop-up during 2019.
  • Communication improves at workplace and there is better understanding with siblings and neighbors.

Saturn's Transit

  • Saturn turns up the heat in Eight House with panoti phase reaching its peak. With Ketu joining Saturn in Eight House situation may go from bad to worse.
  • There can be problems with taxes, court cases as well as inhertiance.
  • Those who are fighting legal or divorce cases in courts see losses and ugly separation. As part of settlement natives may need to shell out huge amount of his/her savings as settlement money or alimony.
  • There can be increased workload as well as frictions with superiors and co-workers. But hard work is likely to be rewarded.
  • Even stock makets traders who do short-term investment could see heavy losses. Long term investors don't need to worry.
  • Taurus natives should wait for 2020 for Saturn to turn a little more favorable for them.

Rahu's Transit

  • Rahu is good in Second House but Ketu with Saturn does cause some problems.
  • Hard working candidates see job promotions and salary raise.
  • Chances of hospital stay are possible and a few medical tests could be on cards due to Rahu's aspect.
  • There can be tax problems and court cases due to Rahu's aspect on Eight House.
  • Overall Rahu doesn't cause much problems but Ketu in Eight House along with Saturn is definitely going to be troublesome in 2019

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