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gemini     2019 should be a good year for job seekers and those in service roles but a challenging year for marriage as well as those doing business. Saturn and Ketu together in Seventh House means extra caution is required by married couples and those doing business.

Note: This reading is for natives born with Moon in Gemini Sign according to vedic astrology. But it would also serve as a reference point for those born with Gemini Ascendant according to vedic astrology.

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Important Transitions

     Jupiter remains in Scorpio Sign which is your Sixth House until March 29th 2019. From March 29th to April 22nd it stays in Sagittarius Sign. Afterwards it moves back into Scorpio Sign and stays there until November 2019.

     Saturn is in Seventh House and joined by Ketu after March 7th 2019. Its going to be a tough year for marriage and business.

     Rahu is in Cancer Sign at beginning of the year. Aftewards Rahu moves into your own sign in ascendant on March 7th 2019 and stays there for rest of the year.

Career in Job Sector

  • Those in job sector see progress and recognition due to Jupiter's blessings.
  • Job seekers can get a job with abundant chances of growth as well as great salary package.
  • There is cordial atmosphere at workplace and native is able to reach a better understanding with co-workers.
  • There is great rapport with boss as well as praise and promotion on cards for good work done.
  • There are chances of migration and settlement in foreign lands for work related purpose.

Career in Business Sector

  • Business continues to suffer due to Saturn and goes from bad to worse after arrival of Ketu on March 7th 2019.
  • Its advised not to try any major investment in business sector till February 2020 due to Saturn and Ketu.
  • Jupiter does provide some relief for some parts of the year but overall the outlook is bad for business.
  • Offshore business fare much better with friendly aspect of Saturn and Rahu and there are chances of growth in them.
  • Its a bad year for those involved in real estate, farming and animal husbandry due to Saturn's aspect.
  • Chances of litigation, break-ups in business partnerships and legal cases are not ruled out in 2019.


  • Finances remain strong in 2019 due to Jupiter's blessing.
  • Rahu moves out and Jupiter casts a friendly aspect on Second House thereby increasing savings multi-folds.
  • Some caution is advised for for those doing stock market trading as well as trading in commodities and market indices.
  • After November 2019 there are chances of income and extra-profits via aspect of Jupiter.
  • Profits could dip for those earning via real estate and farming.

Married Couples

  • Things go from bad to worse for married couples after March 7th 2019.
  • Saturn and Ketu produce misunderstandings, fights, separation as well as divorce is some cases.
  • Unless fighting couples don't compromise and adopt a forgiving nature divorce is imminent.
  • Couples who are going strong could go on romantic trips to foreign location due to friendly aspect of Rahu and Saturn.
  • Things would definitely improve by November 2019 and most misunderstandings can be solved by February 2020. So couples are advised to stay strong together and work out differences in 2019.

Lovers & Marriage Hopefuls

  • Lovers have a mixed year with some having abundant romance while others seeing break-ups in relationship.
  • Rahu could bring in new love for few but its hard to find true love or lasting relationship under influence of Rahu.
  • Those wishing to marry and settle down can do so after March 7th 2019.
  • There are chances of foreign trips to romantic destination with love interest.


  • Its a very tough year for those in schools and colleges due to Saturn's aspect.
  • Those in schools and colleges need to work very, very hard to get decent grades. Failures and drop-outs are not ruled out in 2019.
  • Hard working candidates involved in Masters and Post Grad programmes fare better compared to others.
  • Those looking to travel abroad for higher studies can do so for all year round. Some difficulties are possible during foreign travels for foreign education aspirants.
  • Those in Phd. and research have a great year due to blessings of Jupiter. They can successfully complete and submit their thesis report and conduct cutting-edge research.


  • There are chances of obesity till November 2019. Natives are advised to control their diet and exercise a lot.
  • Chances of heart-blockage are not ruled out and there are possibilities of heart surgery.
  • Chances of burning sensation and infections in urinal system remains a probability for most parts of the year.
  • Some caution is advised for obese as well as heart patients. Also those with problems of urinal system should try jogging and drink lots and lots of water.

Jupiter's Transit

  • Jupiter is favorable for those in job sector.
  • There are chances of getting a job with possibilities of career growth and good pay package.
  • There is friendly and cordial environment at workplace with praise from co-workers and recognition by superiors.
  • Savings increase via friendly aspect of Jupiter. Gold investment done after March 7th 2019 gives good returns in long run.
  • On the downside there are chances of obesity and related disease. Natives are advised to control their diet and exercise regularly.

Saturn's Transit

  • Saturn goes from bad to worse with arrival of Ketu as co-tenant after March 7th 2019.
  • Its a bad year for marriage with frequent fights and misuderstandings popping-up. Chances of divorce are not ruled out.
  • Business could go through many ups and downs and partnership business could see break-ups.
  • Chances of legal cases are not ruled out which can affect business in a negative way.
  • Those doing offshore business fare better via Saturn's friendly aspect. Those travelling abroad for seminars, lectures, work or business purpose also fare better.
  • Saturn advises extra caution for those in marriage and those doing business.

Rahu's Transit

  • Rahu is great after March 7th 2019 but Ketu who travels opposite of Rahu is the problem in 2019.
  • There are chances of surprise profits if native invest smartly in stock markets. Blind investment in stocks could prove a catastrophe.
  • Native can travel abroad for work, education, religious or business related purpose after March 7th 2019.
  • Rahu's aspect as well as placement of Saturn and Ketu means natives need to be careful in marriage. Compromise and forgiving nature is the need for whole of 2019 in a relationship.
  • Those in business also need to be careful via Rahu's aspect. Blind risk could prove troublesome for business aspirants.

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