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sagittarius     2019 could prove to be a challenging year for Sagittarians. There is core phase of Sade-Sati running with Saturn in own sign. Worse there is Ketu joining Saturn and Rahu aspecting own sign after March 7th 2019. Jupiter who lords over Sagittarius is in House of Losses for most parts of the year. Its safe to assume natives could have it tough in 2019. But as they say: "Opportunity often comes disguised as obstacles". Those who work hard and don't lose cool see progress even during a tough year.

Note: This reading is for natives born with Moon in Sagittarius Sign according to vedic astrology. But it would also serve as a reference point for those born with Sagittarius Ascendant according to vedic astrology.

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Important Transits

     Jupiter remains in Scorpio Sign in the Twelfth House until March 29th 2019. From March 29th to April 22nd it stays in own sign. Afterwards it moves back into Scorpio Sign and stays there until November 2019.

     In 2019 Saturn remains in own sign in the First House. Ketu joins it after March 7th 2019 and things go from bad to worse.

     Rahu is in Cancer Sign in Eight House at beginning of the year. Aftewards Rahu moves into the Seventh House in Gemini Sign on March 7th 2019 and stays there for rest of the year.

Career in Job Sector

  • Sagittarians looking for new jobs could get a job with chance for career progression and good pay package.
  • Saturn's influence on Career House means Sagittarians find it hard to cope with workload.
  • Frictions with superiors and co-workers is not ruled out in 2019.
  • Its a good year for those who wish to migrate and work in foreign lands via Jupiter's blessings.
  • There can be unexpected promotions and pay raise for few. Others may have to wait for promotion and salary raise.
  • If possible Sagittarians should avoid extra responsibilities and lure of promotions until January 2020.

Career in Business Sector

  • Business related to medical equipments, pharmacy, occult subjects, communication and mobiles can do great in 2019.
  • Sagittarians involved in other businesses might have a tough time due to Rahu's presence and Saturn's aspect.
  • Sagittarians have a great chance to market their product right and increase their business profits after March 7th 2019.
  • Its not a year to start new business especially partnership business otherwise result could be disastrous in the long run.
  • With Jupiter's blessings business related to real estate, farming, animal husbandry or travels can do great in 2019.
  • Health and state of mind could affect business in a very negative way.
  • There are chances of litigation and fights with business partners during 2019.


  • There is a big sign of relief after March 7th 2019 with Ketu moving out of Savings House.
  • 2019 is a good year to invest in land and real estate. Property bought after March 7th 2019 could give rich dividends in the long run.
  • By end of the year there are profits possible in stock markets and from offshore businesses.
  • There can be pay raise and increase in business profits for those who know how to market themselves and their products.
  • Some lucky few ones could gain huge inheritance via blessings of Jupiter.
  • Investment in mutual funds, tax saver bonds and other tax saver schemes is advised in 2019.

Married Couples

  • Things don't look good for Sagittarians who are married with Rahu's presence and Saturn's aspect.
  • By the end of year Jupiter comes to rescue of Sagittarians marriage so a little patience is required till then.
  • There can be small differences which can turn into major quarrels. Its best to keep ego in check till January 2020.
  • Short travels to romantic destination could keep the intimacy and love alive in troubled marriages.
  • Genuine advise for married natives is to leave aside petty differences and stay together in 2019. Worst phase for marriage would be over by November 2019.

Lovers & Marriage Hopefuls

  • Rahu is favorable for marriage after March 7th 2019 for those who can't wait. Rahu driven marriages are often impulsive so those who can wait should only marry after November 11th 2019.
  • There are no bad influence which trouble Sagittarians already involved with someone.
  • Those looking to find new love may have to wait till November for situation to turn favorable for them.
  • By the end of year there is marriage and honeymoon trips to foreign lands on cards for Sagittarians.


  • Its a great year for students in schools and colleges. Jupiter blesses those who wish to gain knowledge and get good grades.
  • By the year end there are favorable time for those studying Masters and Post Grad.
  • Those who wish to travel to foreign countries for higher studies should wait till November for better prospects. Those looking to study in undergraduate programmes can leave whole year round.
  • Jupiter is especially beneficial to those who doing research and writing thesis report. Time after March 7th 2019 is especially great for doing cutting edge research and submitting thesis report.


  • Health goes from bad to worse in 2019 due to Saturn's presence and Rahu's aspect.
  • There can be depression, paranoia, schizophrenia, anxiety and other mental disease which can trouble Sagittarians.
  • Its a bad year for those who are obese or diabetec. Chances of hospital stay are not ruled out for them.
  • Those with lower back problems can have surgery on cards. After March 7th 2019, Sagittarians need to take extra-care of their back.
  • There can be disease in urinal tract, bladder and kidneys. Its best to drink ample amount of water and do brisk jogging to avoid troubles.
  • On the bright side Jupiter brings optimism and hope by November 2019. Until then regular pranayam, yoga and breathing exercise would help keep mental health strong.

Jupiter's Transit

  • Jupiter is in Twelfth House so some troubles are possible but fortunately its in a friendly sign.
  • Those looking for new jobs have a chance to get a job with great pay package and chances of promotion.
  • Its a bad year for obese and diabetic people. Hospital stay are possibility for them.
  • Jupiter favors investment in real estate, house, farming and animal husbandry.
  • There are chances of getting handsome inheritance. On the downside though death of someone dear is possible.
  • By November Jupiter favors stock markets, business and offshore business.
  • Jupiter also comes to rescue of married couples with differences if they stay together till November.

Saturn's Transit

  • Saturn keeps turning on the screws for Sagittarians. After March 7th 2019, Ketu joins it and makes matter go from bad to worse.
  • Mental diseases like depression, schizophrenia, anxiety and maniac depression are possible due to Saturn-Rahu association.
  • There are also chances of problems in urinary tract especially UTI due to Saturn's aspect.
  • Saturn makes it hard to focus on work and also causes frictions with superiors and co-workers at workplace.
  • Worst part is that there can be frictions and hardships in marriage life which can make it hard for couples to stay together.
  • Saturn advises caution when dealing with business partners, neighbors and siblings or troubles follow later.

Rahu's Transit

  • Good thing is Rahu moves out of Eight House on March 7th 2019. Bad thing is it gets aspect of Saturn after that.
  • With blessings of Rahu there are chances of promotions and increase in business profits for those who market themselves and their products well.
  • On the downside there can be mental disease due to Rahu's aspect on First House.
  • Rahu can cause problems related to urinary tract and kidneys. Its best to drink water and jog regularly
  • Ketu along with Saturn in First House can cause personal hardships. Natives can turn lonely and depressive due to Ketu's influece.
  • Rahu is mixed baggage in 2019. Its great for those who work hard and know how to market themselves. But for others there can be troubles in 2019 via Rahu's aspect and Saturn's presence.

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