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capricorn     2019 is a year which provides both opportunities and challenges for Capricorn natives. Saturn is in House of Losses and joined by Ketu. Fortunately for Capricornians, Jupiter is in great condition so income, marriage and business profits stay strong. Rahu also is somewhat favorable after March 7th 2019.

Note: This reading is for natives born with Moon in Capricorn Sign according to vedic astrology. But it would also serve as a reference point for those born with Capricorn Ascendant according to vedic astrology.

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Important Transits

     Jupiter remains in Scorpio Sign in the Eleventh House until March 29th 2019. From March 29th to April 22nd it stays in Sagittarius Sign. Afterwards it moves back into Scorpio Sign and stays there until November 2019.

     In 2019 Saturn remains in Twelfth House in Sagittarius Sign. Ketu joins it after March 7th 2019 and rest of the year increases likelihood of personal and financial losses.

     Rahu is in Cancer Sign in Seventh House at beginning of the year. Aftewards Rahu moves into the Sixth House in Gemini Sign on March 7th 2019 and stays there for rest of the year.

Career in Job Sector

  • After March 7th 2019, Capricornians can get unexpected job promotions in service roles due to Rahu.
  • Aspect of Jupiter on Service House for some parts of year doubles the chances of getting a good job.
  • There are enough opportunities until November for promotions and salary raise.
  • Relationship with superiors and co-workers could turn bad for few Capricornians cause Rahu's aspect is involved.
  • Those looking to migrate to foreign lands for work could have it tough cause of Saturn and Ketu.

Career in Business Sector

  • Business sees progress, profits and new patnerships forged in 2019 due to blessings of Jupiter.
  • Its a golden year for those who wish to start a new business venture or a partnership business.
  • Profits in business rise due to placement of Jupiter in Income House.
  • Those fighting litigation cases and court cases could also see progress after March 7th 2019.
  • Its not the best year for those doing offshore business due to Saturn's aspect.


  • Income has the support of Jupiter while Savings has the friendly aspect of Saturn and Rahu.
  • Its safe to assume that income of Capricornians remains strong in 2019. Savings would also increase provided there is intelligent and safe investment done.
  • Stock markets give great returns for long term investors. Its advisable to invest in multiple stocks.
  • Its not a year to try gambling and other forms of reckless investments. There are chances of heavy losses or bankruptcy due to them.

Married Couples

  • Rahu moves out of Marriage House on March 7th 2019 and thinks look bright afterwards for natives who are married.
  • Jupiter's friendly aspect increase love, romance and understanding in married life.
  • Married couples can bury their differences and start a new chapter together.
  • Couples who have already filed for divorce see amicable separation without any bad blood.
  • Its not the best year to travel abroad to romantic destinations. Saturn's aspect could bring troubles abroad.

Lovers & Marriage Hopefuls

  • Its a good year for lovers due to Jupiter's aspect on House of Romance and House of Marriage.
  • Lovers who wish to marry and settle down can do so until November 2019.
  • Love, romance and understanding increases for Capricorn lovers due to Jupiter's blessings.
  • There are also chances of finding new love in 2019.
  • Its not the best year to travel abroad to romantic destinations. Troubles are possible on romantic tours to far-off destinations.


  • Its a good year for students in schools and colleges. There are no major influence which trouble them in 2019,
  • Those in Masters and Post Grad may need to work harder than usual to get better grades.
  • Those wishing to travel abroad for higher studies have tough time due to Saturn's troubling aspect.
  • Those doing Phd and research studies have it worst with Saturn and Ketu's placement as well as Rahu's aspect. Research and thesis report submission could both suffer during 2019 if not handled carefully.
  • Chances of drop-outs are not ruled out for those in research and Phd. studies.


  • Rahu is in Sixth House of disease and Saturn aspects the Sixth House which troubles Capricornians in 2019.
  • There can be stomach problems, infection in intestine or even urinary tract.
  • Chances of long hospital stay are not ruled out and treatment should be costly as well.
  • Those chewing tobacco need to kick the habit immediately or there can be troubles.
  • Its not the best year for those who regularly smoke with Rahu's aspect and Saturn's placement which can cause lung cancer.
  • Accidents are a possibility for some parts of the year when Mars moves via troublesome locations.

Jupiter's Transit

  • Jupiter is favorable for most parts of the year. But when it transits via Sagittarius sign which is the Twelfth House for Capricornians there can be troubles on cards.
  • Jupiter in 2019 ensures increase in business profits and also ensures that new business ventures and patnership business can be started.
  • Jupiter increases love, romance and understanding in marriage life for Capricornians
  • Jupiter is favorable for lovers who wish to marry and settle down in life with their love interest.
  • Jupiter also improves relationship with neigbors and siblings.
  • Jupiter also allows to communicate more effectively with others at workplace.
  • Jupiter by end of year is favorable for real estate, farming, transportation and animal husbandry businesses.
  • For some parts of the year when it moves via the Twelfth House there can be personal, physical as well as financial losses.

Saturn's Transit

  • Saturn transits via the House of Losses. With Ketu joining Saturn after March 7th 2019 things seem quite bad for Capricornians.
  • Saturn in Twelfth House could cause irrepairable personal or financial losses.
  • On the bright side savings stay strong provided there is careful and intelligent investment done.
  • Saturn aspecting the House of Diseases along with Rahu's placement implies there are chances of long hospital stays.
  • Saturn makes life tough for students studying in Masters, Post Grad and those aspiring to travel abroad for higher studies.
  • Offshore business can also see troubles and delays due to troubling aspect of Saturn.
  • Its the last year of stern Saturn test via House of Losses. Next year starting January 20th 2020 a new and fresh challenge awaits Capricornians.

Rahu's Transit

  • Rahu is in House of Debts and Disease after March 7th 2019. So expect losses and health issues after March 7th.
  • Thankfully Rahu is in a friendly sign so those doing service roles do see unexpected promotions and salary raise.
  • Rahu supports Capricornians looking for job and gives them a job with ample opportunities to progress.
  • In most cases Rahu would support career via friendly aspect but for some Capricornians there can be frictions with superiors and co-workers.
  • Rahu's aspect and Saturn's placement shows possibility of personal or financial losses which are hard to get over.
  • Capricornians who smoke or chew tobacco need to kick the habit in 2019 otherwise Rahu along with Saturn could cause troubles in your life.

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