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aquarius     2019 is the final year before Aquarians start experiencing the troublesome Sade-Sati of Saturn from January 20th 2020. Aquarians need to make the most of 2019 cause afterwards things might not always go as planned.

Note: This reading is for natives born with Moon in Aquarius Sign according to vedic astrology. But it would also serve as a reference point for those born with Aquarius Ascendant according to vedic astrology.

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Important Transits

     Jupiter remains in Scorpio Sign in the Tenth House until March 29th 2019. From March 29th to April 22nd it stays in Sagittarius Sign. After April 22nd, Jupiter moves back into Scorpio Sign and stays there until November 2019.

     In 2019 Saturn remains in Eleventh House in Sagittarius Sign. Ketu joins it after March 7th 2019 but thankfully it does not cause too much troubles.

     Rahu is in Cancer Sign in Sixth House at beginning of the year. Aftewards Rahu moves into the Fifth House in Gemini Sign on March 7th 2019 and stays there for rest of the year.

Career in Job Sector

  • Aquarians have had troubles in job sector since June 2017 due to Rahu's placement in House of Service.
  • But in 2019 atleast job prospects increase and so do chances of promotions due to friendly Jupiter.
  • With Rahu finally moving out on March 7th 2019 things look a lot better for Aquarius employees and job seekers.
  • Job seekers can find a job in a large organisation which offers competent salary and chances of promotions.
  • Those already employed see friendly and cordial relationship with boss and co-workers. There are increased responsibilities and chances of promotions by end of year.
  • Genuine advise for Aquarians in job sector is to make the most out of 2019 cause things afterwards could turn troublesome for few years.

Career in Business Sector

  • There are no major aspects which trouble business sector for Aquarians.
  • Ofcourse business profits may decrease after March 7th 2019 due to Ketu's arrival alongside Saturn in Income House.
  • Those fighting court cases could see delays or defeats. Its best to avoid legal route and settle differences amicably in 2019.
  • Offshore business are the worst hit by Rahu's troublesome aspect after March 7th 2019.
  • Real estate, farming, transport business, medicines, sports, health, and animal husbandry are businesses which provide maximum returns in 2019 for Aquarians.


  • Savings increasing multi-fold but income does decrease after March 7th 2019.
  • Investing in gold, bank monetary schemes and real estate provides great returns in the long run.
  • Stock markets also ensure profits provided there is sensible investment done. Reckless investments spells troubles in 2019.
  • Its a good year to invest in hospitals, pet shops, alcohol and sports teams. Stocks related to these portfolios also provide good returns by end of 2019.
  • 2019 could provide troubles from tax officials and its advisable to pay your taxes on time.

Married Couples

  • There are no major aspects which trouble Aquarians who are married. So 2019 passes off without any major troubles.
  • Love, romance and understanding remains strong for natives who are married.
  • There can be romantic travels on cards after March 7th 2019 due to Rahu's aspect.
  • Those fighting divorce cases could see divorce process drag on and animosity increase with ex-partner.

Lovers & Marriage Hopefuls

  • Rahu's placement and Saturn's aspect could bring troubles in love life of Aquarians in 2019.
  • Aquarians wanting to find new love interest should try after March 7th 2019.
  • Some Aquarians could see ugly break-ups due to Saturn and Rahu.
  • Lovers going strong can go on foreign trips to increase love and romance in relationships.
  • Its advisable to marry only after November 11th 2019 as Jupiter blesses marriage for Aquarians afterwards.


  • Students in schools and colleges have a golden year in 2019 with Jupiter's blessing. They can expand their knowledge and get good grades.
  • After March 7th 2019, Aquarians in Masters and Post Grad education need to ensure they don't lose focus on their studies.
  • Those wishing to migrate and study in foreign countries have a chance to do so after March 7th.
  • Things look bright for Phd. and research students after March 7th. Those doing research or submitting a thesis report need to submit their report or complete their research before January 20th 2020 for better results.


  • Physical health improves after March 7th 2019. But mental health worsens due to aspect of both Saturn and Rahu.
  • There is depression, anxiety, phobias and even maniac depression on cards due to troublesome aspects.
  • There is enlargement of heart or lungs for a few senior citizens. But overall health remains strong.
  • Overall build-up of Aquarians is generally thin. But in 2019 atleast there are chances of gaining weight so some care is required for those who have weight issues.
  • There are little or no chances of hospital stay after March 7th 2019 with Rahu moving out of House of Disease.

Jupiter's Transit

  • Jupiter favors career, real estate, savings and transport business in 2019.
  • There is cordial relationship with boss and co-workers. Aquarians are rewarded for their work with more responsibilities and promotion by end of the year.
  • Aquarians looking for a new job can get a job with good salary and opportunities to progress after March 7th 2019.
  • Those involved in real estate and those looking to buy or sell their property have a great year via blessings of Jupiter.
  • By end of the year there is increase in business profits and definite pay raise on cards for Aquarians.
  • On the downside Aquarians who have weight issues need to exercise regularly otherwise this Jupiter transit could turn you obese.

Saturn's Transit

  • Compared to other signs, Aquarians have little or no troubles via this Saturn transit via the Eleventh House.
  • Ketu joining Saturn after March 7th 2019 does create some obstacles especially for regular income.
  • The only real worry in 2019 due to Saturn are mental worries and tensions and in worst cases even depression and other mental ailments.
  • Lovers can see break-ups due to Rahu-Saturn association.
  • Those fighting legal and divorce cases see cases drag on or judgement against them.
  • Overall Saturn is favorable for Aquarians in 2019. Their real test starts after January 20th 2020 with start of Saturn's Sade-Sati phase.

Rahu's Transit

  • Rahu is unfavorable till March 7th 2019. Afterwards its less bothersome for Aquarians.
  • There can be troubles at workplace and difficulties in finding good jobs till March 7th due to Rahu's presence.
  • Rahu after March 7th supports foreign travels and smart stock investment.
  • On the downside Rahu is bad for mental health. Its best to do pranayam, breathing exercise, jogging and other exercises to keep mind in a healthy state.
  • Rahu is bad for income as well. Income would fluctuate after March 7th due to Rahu's aspect and Saturn's presence in House of Income.
  • Rahu creates troubles for offshore business also. Its best not to try major investment in offshore business till September 2020.

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