Astro Isha

The information on this page was last updated on 26th December 2018.

Brief Intro

     Astro Isha was founded as means to connect astrologers with clients who seek astrological advise. By using Astro Isha the astrologers can focus on client queries and astrological reading. At present the astrologer registration has been taken down due to technical issues. But we hope to fix it soon and let astrologers register and share content with us. Astro Isha would provide them with a chance to add content, articles and post their details online. They would also be able to receive client payments online.

     Clients can ask online queries, Pay online and also connect with astrological experts in other parts of the world.

History Of Astro Isha

     Astro Isha was founded on 2nd April 2014. It was formally registered as a Company on 30th September 2015 under Shop Establishment Act 1948 with Registration Number: PII/MJRG/2900050/0111946. Astro Isha was initially started in February 2013 under the name Jyotishi Vidya( but was later changed to Astro Isha so as to avoid confusion with other websites bearing similar names.

Purpose Of Astro Isha

     Goal of Astro Isha would be to separate parts of vedic knowledge which are based on reasoning, logic, probability, statistics, computation and research which are purely mathematical fields from social evils like superstition, fear and paranoia. Astrology and related vedic fields were founded on mathematical concepts like probability and as well as stats and observation which were gathered over a long period of time. But slowly but surely social evils like fear and superstition took over reasoning and logic part. Astro Isha is intended to filter the evils and try to show the logical and rational side of vedic knowledge.

About The Founder

     My name is Rohan Desai and I am the Founder of Astro Isha . I have done my BSc. in Computer Science from Brunel University, London. I am currently the sole proprietor of Astro Isha. I am involved in design, coding, maintenance and content of the website. I am not really an astrologer and prefer the coding and designing parts. Having said that I am well-versed in the Astrological Concepts and currently answers all the queries asked on Astro Isha.

     I plan to delegate the writing of astrological content and answering of queries to dedicated astrologers soon enough and focus on my expertise which are design and coding.

For More Information

     If you have any further queries regarding the working and services offered by the website kindly get in touch at email: