Payment and Refunds

Authorization And Payments

     Clients can place an Order on Ask An Expert Page. For International Clients there are three mode of payments available:

  1. Paypal: Client would be redirected to Paypal to complete the Order. Confirmation Email would be provided on completion of payment.
  2. PaypalMe: Client can pay via Paypal Me also which offers Paypal Payment Services but in a much simplified format. Customer would be provided a link in an email to Pay Online. All the customer needs to do is pay and email confirmation of payment to once payment is complete. Astro Isha would process the order on confirmation of payment.
  3. Direct Transfer: Customers can also transfer the amount directly to our Bank. Details for International Transfer would be provided in confirmation email. Customers are requested to keep some reference of payment to avoid issues later.

     On successful completion of order a confirmation email would be provided. Clients are requested to keep the Confirmation Email until Order is Completed to avoid issues later.

Order Cancellation And Refunds

  If the Client has a change of mind and wishes to Cancel the Order he has 24 Working Hours to do so. Kindly notify us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and also mention the token number or Paypal Transaction ID or Paypal Order ID provided in the confirmation email in case order is done via Paypal or Paypal.Me. Astro Isha would Cancel the Order and money would be credited back to your account. In case for Direct Transfer clients would need to provide Bank Details with Account Name, Account Number and Swift Code for Astro Isha refund back the amount into your account. Bear in mind Astro Isha does not hold liability to Transaction Charges applied to Online Transfer. We can only pay the amount we have received. A confirmation of Cancellation of Order would be provided to Client.

  After 24 Hours since order has been confirmed, Astro Isha reserves the right to proceed with the Order and Client Requests for Cancellation of Order cannot be entertained.

Order Processing and Confirmation

  After 24 Hours Astro Isha would start processing the Order. The client query would be provided with a logical answer and the answer would be provided as attachment in the email. Astro Isha would only ask for Remittance of Payment once the client query has been resolved with a logical answer.

Order Failure and Refunds

  As mentioned earlier Astro Isha would only ask for Remittance once the Client is emailed with Answer and Logical Solution to his Questions. This Order would likely be processed in 7-10 Working Days.

  In case there is a failure to give answer to clients query after 29 Days of Order Placement, the money is credited directly back into the Account of Client.