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     Mouth Cancer is quite common in those who chew tobacco and tobacco products. Every product of tobacco has a horrible, disgusting photo and a warning sign that warns that chewing of tobacco causes cancer. But most people ignore the warning. Astrology can predict chances of a person having addiction to tobacco and tobacco products and also his/her chances of getting mouth cancer. Just two house need to be analyzed for it.        ...

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     Fourth House is the house of shelter. Fourth House also deals with mother, motherland, home, happiness, property, real estate, farming, transport and animal husbandry. Fourth House also rules over heart in the human body and deals with old age. Its safe to say Fourth House is the best house in the entire chart. A good Fourth Ho...

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     Rahu is the ultimate fraudster. Third House just so happens to be the house which rules communication, boardroom meetings and media. If Rahu is strong than one thing is certain that native is able...

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     Rahu is smokey and mysterious trickster. Second House looks after family and savings. Rahu in Second House is great provided there is a friendly sign. In an enemy sign Rahu can cause issues with fam...

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General Prediction      2019 is a year which provides hope and optimism for Pisces natives. Jupiter is over-seeing fortune and Saturn is looking after career. The only difficult transit is that of Rahu which can curb happiness factor in life of Pisceans. Note: This reading is for natives born with Moon in Pi...

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General Prediction      2019 is the final year before Aquarians start experiencing the troublesome Sade-Sati of Saturn from January 20th 2020. Aquarians need to make the most of 2019 cause afterwards things might not always go as planned. Note: This reading is for natives born with Moon in Aquarius Si...

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General Prediction      2019 is a year which provides both opportunities and challenges for Capricorn natives. Saturn is in House of Losses and joined by Ketu. Fortunately for Capricornians, Jupiter is in great condition so income, marriage and business profits stay strong. Rahu also is somewhat favorable after March 7th 20...

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General Prediction      2019 could prove to be a challenging year for Sagittarians. There is core phase of Sade-Sati running with Saturn in own sign. Worse there is Ketu joining Saturn and Rahu aspecting own sign after March 7th 2019. Jupiter who lords over Sagittarius is in House of Losses for most parts of the year....

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General Prediction      2019 is the last year that Saturn tests the Scorpions. Its been a long, hard eight years since 14th November 2011 that Saturn Sade-Sati had started for Scorpions. Scorpions maybe tired now but they need some patience and perseverance in 2019 cause things seem a lot better by January 20th 2020. Fortunately...

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General Prediction      2019 could prove to be the year which decides the fate of Librans for next few years. Its the last year before Saturn starts its panoti phase in January 2020. Hard work and humble attitude in 2019 would ensure great results during the panoti phase of Saturn. Note: This reading is for nat...

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