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     Today symptoms of early ageing are quite a common phenomenon. People in their early 20's and 30's show signs of grey hair and baldness. Women also show early signs of ageing like thinning of hair or wrinkle lines on face. Much of it is due to pollution, increase in stress and hectic life schedule. Unhealthy lifestyles and junk food are also equally responsible. But planets do take their share of blame. Saturn, Jupiter, Ketu and Pluto are primarily responsible for symptoms...

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     Sixth House is the house of enemies, debts and disease. Rahu is smokey, mysterious, an illusionist and a trickster. With Rahu in Sixth House native has many frenemies as well as enemies who play mind games with the native. If Moo...

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Ketu's transit via Sagittarius      Ketu is the lower half of Rahu which is always travelling 180 degrees away from Rahu. Ketu is associated with spirituality and renounciation of wordly desires. But its also known to cause s...

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     When you talk about Ambani's in India you normally talk about business, riches and power. But today one of the most powerful and influential business person in India is powerless and insignificant against stars and constellations of our solar system. Mr. Anil Ambani for all his power and riches is possibly going through the worst crisis in his life. His horoscope sheds some light on his sudden decline in wealth, his feud with his brother as well a...

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Rahu Enter Gemini      On March 7th 2019, Rahu would be entering Gemini which is its home. Gemini is business minded and Rahu is born to take risky bets. With Rahu in Gemini those who know how to take calculative risk stand to...

Category: Planetary Transits

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     Fifth House is the house of romance, intelligence and popularity. It also happens to be the house which deals with gambling and stock markets. Over and above Fifth House deals with politics, progeny, theatre, arts, music, movies and concerts. Rahu loves fame and power, loves easy money and loves to act smart. In modern...

Category: Planets in twelve bhavas

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     An article was published some two years ago titled: Tall Hillary To Climb. The article accurately predicted that Mr. Donald J. Trump could very well be the President of the United States(POTUS). Some other predictions also came true of how he could spoil relations with international leaders and how...

Category: Case Study

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     Mouth Cancer is quite common in those who chew tobacco and tobacco products. Every product of tobacco has a horrible, disgusting photo and a warning sign that warns that chewing of tobacco causes cancer. But most people ignore the warning. Astrology can predict chances of a person having addiction to tobacco and tobacco products and also his/her chances of getting mouth cancer. Just two house need to be analyzed for it.        ...

Category: Health

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     Fourth House is the house of shelter. Fourth House also deals with mother, motherland, home, happiness, property, real estate, farming, transport and animal husbandry. Fourth House also rules over heart in the human body and deals with old age. Its safe to say Fourth House is the best house in the entire chart. A good Fourth Ho...

Category: Planets in twelve bhavas

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     Rahu is the ultimate fraudster. Third House just so happens to be the house which rules communication, boardroom meetings and media. If Rahu is strong than one thing is certain that native is able...

Category: Planets in twelve bhavas