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What is Visha Yoga?

Visha Yoga is the combination of Saturn+Moon in a horoscope. Visha means Poison and this yoga can act as poison in life of individual. This yoga generally occurs every 27 days as it takes 27 days for moon to complete its rotation of earth and navigate via the Twelve Signs in a horoscope. While this yoga is catastrophic for most, it has been shown that a few natives do rise above this bad placement and do wonders in their respective fields. Visha Yoga is also called as Nitrubhasha Yoga or Shani-Chandra yoga.

Brief Intro

The very name Visha Yoga is enough to send jitters down the spine of many. If the angle between Saturn and Moon is less then 12 degrees than it is rest assured that these yoga would show you hell on earth. Imagine yourself being assigned to a prison where you are bound by chains and there is is a stern and relentless warden who beats with a whip at the slightest mistake. If you imagine the pain, fear and trauma you are close to understanding what Vish Yoga natives feel inside their head. Albeit it is the mind of the natives which makes a mountain out of mole hill but the trauma experienced is similar to lifetime sentence in a dark, lonely prison.

However Vedic Astrology is a classic case of paradox. What is written is quite opposite of what is observed. Many Vish Yoga natives are quite successful in life and can even be great contributors to the society. However what is largely observed is these natives get very low returns for the substantial amount of efforts put in. Unless they work very hard it is difficult for them to achieve anything in life.

Understand Visha Yoga

To understand Vish Yoga well we need to understand the characteristics of the two planets which form the Vish Yoga. Saturn is made up of poisonous gases among other substances. Moon is responsible for causing tides and ebbs in the ocean as well as liquid substance in body. In astrology Moon is the significator for mind. Shani poisons the mind of a native so the term Vish Yoga is used. Digging deeper into the subject, Saturn is the significator for fear, oppression, scarcity, poverty and hard work while Moon is the significator for emotions, unrequited love, affection and mother. Both of the planets are polar opposites in terms of personality and characteristics. When these two opposing planets combine in a horoscope they tend to constantly collide with each other on matters of ideologies. The mind of the native cannot make up whether he should guide his emotions or let emotions guide him. Naturally what follows is depression and despair- a typical trait of Vish Yoga natives.

The picture is far more gloomy cause they may even become paranoid incapable of trusting others or believing in power of love. They are always physically tired and mentally exhausted. Often they attempt suicide but Saturn would not let them take an escape route. Ofcourse some poor souls do use that option but that road is ill-advised for Vish Yoga natives.

Effects of Visha Yoga on natives

Saturn is a cruel planet and association with significator of mind(Moon) makes the mind become cruel as well. Many dictator and oppressors have Vish Yoga in their horoscope. These yoga also creates an emotional oppressor and such natives have often been observed to oppress others or give pain and despair to others. If Mars is associated they may actually derive happiness from torturing and harassing others. If Jupiter is involved they could actually help others instead of harming and practice empathy. Vish Yoga natives are quite harsh in speech. If Mars is associated with Saturn and Moon in same horoscope sign then natives are observed to be sarcastic also. However if a benefic Jupiter is aspecting the house where Saturn and Moon are placed then effects are neutralized. If Rahu is present with Saturn and Moon then the effects are greatly increased and there is no way for native to recover. Generally any sort of association of Moon, Saturn and Rahu via aspect or placement suggests a life which is result of very bad karmas in past lives.  

Solution For Visha Yoga

So how to tackle this difficult placement? It is not at all easy. Whether to choose mandate of duties and responsibilities given by Saturn or whether to go with emotions, love and care bestowed by Moon. 

Get your horoscope analyzed by an astrologer. If Vish Yoga is in a friendly sign or exaltion sign of Moon then go with emotions otherwise all other scenarios go for duties and responsibilities of Saturn. As long as you take one of the path rest all should work out fine. No matter which path you take you would require concrete efforts (Saturn) to get your objective. So whether you are looking to help the world (Moon) or bend the world (Saturn) you need to focus on that objective. Do not dwell too much on other things and you are bound to end up as success in life.

Remedy For Visha Yoga Natives

All solutions for Vish Yoga are useless without prayers to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the remover of darkness and negativity, the drinker of poison and God of Knowledge. Recitation of 'Om Namah Shivay' specifically in evening and night is advised when moon is present.

Prayers to Lord Shiva are necessary to remove hatred, jealousy and negativity which Visha Yoga natives have in abundance. But there is also a need to learn kindness, compassion and empathy which Visha Yoga natives lack. So prayers to a god who teaches compassion and kindness is also necessary. 

Stay Away From Fake Poojas

There are a few sites which propagate theories that Visha Yoga goes away or lessens by performing specific poojas. That is entirely false propaganda. Visha Yoga is one of the most powerful forms of Pitru Dosha. It cannot and will not go away by yagnas and poojas for it. Pouring Oil on Lord Hanuman or black idol of Saturn doesn't help either. See my article: Saturn and Superstition for more info.  

Treat Adversity as Opportunity

Life may never be all rosy for people with Visha Yoga but that does not mean their life is worthless. What many see as a curse due to hardships and sorrows may actually turn as blessing. As soon as Karma is balanced the hard work and discipline cultivated by Visha Yoga natives starts giving them the desired success. For that to happen the natives with Visha Yoga need to start treating difficulties as challenges and try to overcome them and move forward no matter what.

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