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     There have been many articles on Saturn, Sade-Sati and their effects on individuals. Everyone knows what Saturn brings to the table. Saturn is slow and methodical. Saturn may bring adversities in your life but Saturn's job is not just about awarding or punishing a native but his job also requires to bring a positive change. That is why after Saturn's testing periods native sees success and happiness in his life. But when it comes to Rahu the exact opposite is true. Rahu is also a Karma Balancer but unlike Saturn his job isn't to take care of the native. His job is limited to giving immediate success or misery in life of a native. 

     Before understanding how Rahu works one must understand how Astrology works. Most people think Astrology is a subject which predicts ones future. Astrology not only predicts future but can also be used to decipher the past. If someone has Rahu+Moon or Rahu+Sun in horoscope or Rahu+Saturn and if he loses most or all of his Savings then he/she should understand this is Karma Balancing going on. In one of the past lives such native has amazed wealth by deceiving someone or via illegal means. Some may consider it bullshit cause no one actually knows what happened in the previous lives. But the Stars, Planets, Constellations and the Universe bears testimony to your deeds and actions. They try to show the way via Astrology and Horoscope but one must be humble enough to accept what these noble planets are trying to tell. For every Karma done there is a Reaction that must be accepted. It is not your choice. When you understand the Theory of Action(Karma) and Reaction(Fruits Of Karma) you would start to understand how Rahu works. 

     Rahu is smokey, foggy, illusion and a deceitful poser in classical Astrology Texts. But he is also a Karma Balancer much like Saturn. Saturn is like a Warden who punishes and tries to improves the lives of the prison inmates. Rahu on the other hand is like the executioner whose only job is execution. That execution maybe good or bad for the native. But that is instantaneous. There is no delay and no waiting. Those who lose all or most of their life savings in Stock Markets, get divorce handed down to them on phones, see their house destroyed by Storm, are subjected to sexual abuse are under effects of Rahu at that time. Similarly those who win a lottery or other sense of instant gratification are also under the effects of good Rahu. 

      Kindly be informed the intention of this article are not to hurt the sentiments of those who have suffered similar fate. As Astrologers our job is limited to deducing the Astrological causes and effects. Rahu is by all means THE GREAT INSTANTANEOUS KARMA BALANCER. This is what has been observed via astrological study.


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