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     Rahu is a shadow planet and is considered the north node of the imaginary place where Sun and Moon meet. It is also termed as a dragon's head in some places while in vedic texts Rahu has the head of a snake. According to Vedic Astrology, Rahu is responsible for causing eclipse to the Sun and Moon. Rahu is smokey and mysterious. He represents black arts, magic, taboo activities and foreigners. Rahu is an impersonator who tries to show the qualities he does not have. He is considered a malefic planet and astrologers make quite a fortune out of the so-called bad yogas associated with it. Well, the truth couldn't be further off.

     Rahu is considered a planet in Vedic Astrology and like in all planet's case certain rules and regulations apply. The placement of Rahu at time of birth is fixed according to previous life karmas. Rahu is the most accurate measure to judge the sins of previous life karmas depending on his placement in horoscope along with its aspects. Rahu carries the mandate of putting a human being under illusion. Rahu encourages individuals to take risky and foolish decisions which only bring harm and loss for him. Ofcourse, sometimes it gives quite favorable results for people interested in forbidden desires and taboo activites. Not only that money, power, sex and fame are also abundant in a favorable period of Rahu. Most politicians have a very good Rahu. Rahu is a significator for foreigners and everything mysterious. Rahu is one of the planets which in a favorable position can suggest a successful chance of going and settling abroad. Rahu in 4th house, 9th house and 12th house suggests an individual who will live in foreign countries. 

     Rahu magnifies the bad effects and lessens the good effects of planet which is its co-tenant. It is generally favorable if Rahu is alone in a house with no co-tenants and not casting an aspect on any planet.

     Rahu causes eclipse to the Sun and the Moon. In other words the intelligence and rational thinking are hindered due to Rahu. Bad decisions, tough luck and mental problems follow. The individuals who have Sun+Rahu or Moon+Rahu in the same house are better off when they consult others for major decisions in their lives.

     Rahu+Mars is not as bad but cause relationships with siblings to go sour and also promotes anger, restlessness along with frustrations at not getting things done on time. In rare cases there is a possibility of native craving for sexual perversions.

     Rahu+Mercury isn't bad in a favorable placement. But in a bad condition there are problems related to speech and intelligence. There are high chances of neurological disorders if Rahu influences Mercury or is placed in same sign as Mercury.

    Rahu+Jupiter is famously known as Vipra Chandal Yoga. The simple and wise Jupiter meets Rahu who is full of deceit and camaflouge. Naturally they don't get along well.

     Rahu+Venus is not as bad and actually gives quite good results. People with Venus+Rahu are often driven by taboo activites and forbidden desires. The bad results of Rahu+Venus are blind love followed by divorce.

     Rahu+Saturn gives rise to Shapit yoga. It occurs after a long time and generally people born in these association have quite a hard life due to past life bad karmas. 

     Rahu is a strange planet to judge cause it is always trying to be pretentious. It tries to mirror Venus but he is an imposter. Though in the present age it is quite good to have Rahu in an influental house. Today the world judges book by its cover and people who are engaged in showboating, impersonating and hypocricy enjoy quite good status. All aspiring politicians must hope and pray for a better Rahu. 

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