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     Ketu is another shadowy planet like Rahu which features prominently in Indian Astrology. Along with Saturn, Mars and Rahu it gets quite a good bashing from amateur astrologers. It is a malefic planet but that does mean it is literally bad. The facts about Ketu are often misinterpreted to suit the worldy desires so much so that it has lost its divine purpose. Ketu is capable of taking an individual closer to Moksha. Only Jupiter is the other planet which can boasts of this great feat. The final purpose of all living beings is to get closer to the Supreme Entity aka God.

    So why the unnecessary prejudice towards Ketu? Well the fact that Ketu has its own agenda which is free from the social norms, rules and regulations makes it quite a villian for the society. The world is not known to welcome people who go against social norms. Most of people with Ketu in Ascendant or with Moon in horoscope are detached from others and live a solitary life. They have a nihilistic, uncaring and unapologetic attitude towards society as a whole. They are meant to break away from the social bonds which bind the individuals to society. Some of them even resort to total reclusiveness from society in the form of sanyas. Others less fortunate try to live a detached life while remaining in the society constantly at logger-heads with the cultural norms. 

     Lets talk of the downside of Ketu in a bad placement for a bit. Ketu is the astrological equivalent word of detachment. Divorces, separation from loved ones and solitary life would send quivers down anyone's spine. As long as you live in this world ones self is bound to have inclinations towards socialisation, recognition, acceptence, affection and attraction. It is only natural to have these feelings. The greatest of the saints and holy souls desired for such comforts and pleasures. Now the person who lived in solitary confinement and emotional reclusiveness cannot just mix with the society like sugar in water. They would always stick out like a sore thumb. Eventually their desires fade away and they become even more reclusive and paranoid of the society. They loose purpose and motivation in their life. But fear not as Krishna said in the Gita:

"One who walks on path towards knowledge and engages in auspicious activities does not meet his end." --Bhagvad Gita Chapter 6 Verse 40

     The essence here is person with a good Ketu is naturally detached and not interested in materialistic goals and social confirmity. That alone brings them closer to the Supreme Entity which is the final goal of all human beings. For them their own inner voice is final take on everything. As long as you don't care about society it would be the highest blessing to have Ketu in Ascendant or with Moon or have period of Ketu which brings separation from loved ones. For others who are bonded with society there is a solution to pray to Lord Ganesh to lessen the effects of a malefic Ketu.

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