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Mula Nakshatra Description

Moola Nakshatra(often called Mula Nakshatra) is the ninteenth nakshatra among the 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. Mula means root in Sanskrit. The planetary lord of Mula Nakshatra is Ketu. All the 4 Padas of Mula are in Sagittarius Sign while the symbol for Mula are a bunch of roots tied together. The Gana(trait) for Mula Nakshatra is Rakshasha(Demonic) while the presiding deity is Nirriti who is the goddess of Destruction. It falls under the category of Gand Moola Nakshatra. Some vedic texts advises people not to take loans or grants when Moon is in Mula Nakshatra as they would be unable to pay the debt back.

Physical Features

Natives have good physical features with bright eyes and beautiful limbs.

Character & General Events

Female natives derive little happiness due to their proud and stubborn nature. Male natives are shrewd and capable. Mula Natives both male and female are good at handling adverse situations and guiding people through difficult times. Through tact and diplomacy Mula natives solve near impossible scenarios. Having said that there is a point in life when they quit everything in life under influence of Mula ruler Ketu (planet which brings detachment).

Mula natives are peace loving with an attractive personality and fixed set of principles. Inspite of numerous adversities they remain optimistic and achieve success in the desired field. On the downside they often overlook adversities and do not plan ahead in life. Due to this peculiar tendency they often invite debt and problems in life.

Education & Career

There is no stability in career and there are constant changes of profession. Mula natives should pursue a career path like free lancing, Writing or Politics where taking a break from hectic schedule is possible. They are good orators and can make a good politician who talks the talk but rarely walks the talk. They can even make a career as financial or religious advisers, fine  arts, writers, public speakers, doctors, healers, social work or philosophers.

Family Life

Natives generally derive very little benefits through parents. They live a detached life and do not get too close to friends or family. Natives are advised to stay away from alcohol and drug addictions to avoid frictions with family and marriage partner. For females marriage may result in unhappiness and even death of husband in some cases. They can have multiple love affairs and troubles through them. For males married life is satisfactory and spouse has all the adequate qualities. 


Good Orators, Spiritual, Adventurous, Brave when Facing Adversities.


Uncaring, Self-destructive, No Planning.


Problems with addictions, dangerous burns, violent accidents and broken bones are all possible. 


Mula natives should pray to Ganesha or  Lord Dattatreya. 

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