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     Second House is a good place to start for those who believe that money is everything. In a nutshell Second House deals with savings, speech & familyIt is also called dhana sthana or house of possessions. Matters of money are one of the more frequently asked questions to astrologers along with marriage and career. Many people want to know how much they are going to earn and why isn't their any savings or how could their savings double. Astrologers looks at Second House to decipher saving capabilities of an individual. Second House also take care of family and equation of an individual with the family members. 

     Second House along with Eleventh House are the two most revered houses after Vishnu Sthanas and Laxmi Sthanas, 2nd house plays an important role in deciding whether investements pay rich dividens and whether savings multiply or go down the drains. A good planet namely Chandra, Shukra or Guru along with a combination of good rashi namely Vrishabha, Meeena or Karka can possibly mean great material weath and good relationship with family members. A bad planet and a fiery sign could signal quite a few problems in matters of money & family. A lot depends on combination of graha/grahas+rashi. People interested in astrology & budding astrologers are adviced to look at all the combinations before passing the judgement on matters of money & family. Both are important in current times and one should not be hasty in dealing with important matters of oneself or client.

     2nd house also shows speech and second marriage. A powerful combination of Budh-Aditya Yoga in a favorable rashi has all the precipice for a good singer. Not only that lord of 2nd house lord in a favorable placement could indicate a successful career in singing, mimicry or as a voice-artist. People already divorced need to look at the 2nd house, planets in 2nd house, planets aspecting/giving drishti on 2nd house  to get a rough sketch of their future spouse (Note: 12th house & other factors also need to looked at before deciding marriage for taking a plunge 2nd time). Even for first timers a good look at the 2nd house would prove quite useful. 2nd house also deals with chances of divorce in first marriage as it is 8th when counted from 7th house. Be reasonable in self evaluation and generally try a fair assessment without too much dwelling on the subject.

     Second house is a good place to start for those who are loooking to improve family relationship or increase savings. While Prarabhdha has already planned the bigger picture for you Purushartha can sure improve a few things if not all. For those fortunate souls with good 2nd house (good family and good savings) can look at the do's while those poor souls with a bad 2nd house (no savings & family quarrels) can look at the dont's when it comes to matters of the 2nd house. A good astrologer can provide better advice for where you stand with matters of 2nd house.  

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