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     3rd house is the house of Communication and Siblings. A few years ago most of the astrologers were skeptical about 3rd house as they did not consider it worth the time. But with age of social and professional networking over us this so-called insignificant house has gained a good deal of popularity. Ofcourse 3rd house is a lot more then PR Machinery. It defines your analytical mind, your intelligence, your ability to communicate with others but perhaps most important of all your equation with your immediate siblings and neighbors.

     In the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube 3rd house has practically become an over-night star. It has woken up from his slumber sleep to rise to new highs. Today your PR Skills and ability to highlight yourself have become an indispensable tool at business and at workplace. In the age of cut-throat competition your ability to sell yourself and your products is quite a reliable tool. Not only that a facebook profile, a tweet, a youtube video & an instagram photo would probably fetch you a good income if it is worth it. Though the money may not necessarily come directly through them there are enough people who want a superstar in the required field to sell their brands. 3rd house also looks after negotiation and communication skills. A  star campaigner who sells the products and procures a deal are a blessing for big companies. Most importantly 3rd house is the house of courage. In simpler terms the ability to stand up for the right thing and fearlessness during times of crisis is a boon from a good 3rd house. 

     3rd house also deals with analytical skills and scientific thinking. Most of the good mathematician and scientist who deal with reasoning and analytical processes have a good 3rd house along with lord of 3rd house. 3rd house deals with brothers/sisters and neighbors. Bad aspects or bad planets can cause problems with expression, reasoning powers, analytical skills, fights with neighbors and siblings. Neurological Disorders are also a result of a bad 3rd house. A weak 3rd house creates a frequent traveller who has to travel to short distances to earn his livelihood. 

     For many years 3rd house was considered trivial but during the current time it has gained a good deal of popularity. While it still doesn't command the same respect from astrologers, it does seem to have gained acceptence & admiration. What is most important is we evolve only when we form the habit of constant learning and understanding. This is only possible by blessings of the 3rd house and its lord. 

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