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     One of the most important houses in a the horoscope, the 4th house commands unparallel respect and abundance of love and caring. It is the house of mother, heart, happiness and everything that makes us feel blessed to be alive. It is also a karaka for homeland and childhood surroundings. Everything else is secondary to a child compared to the unrequited love showered by a mother. A mother is the epitome of selfless love, more holier then God, more pure then Ether and more precious then any gems or stones.

     4th house is part of Vishnu Sthanas. While all of them are equally important 4th house is the laying foundation for all individuals. Mother, childhood surroundings, motherland and basic education are governed by 4th house. While knowledge is bestowed by 5th house, the 4th house grants the basic degree. In a nutshell you would get a basic school or college certificate by blessings of the 4th house whether you are deserving or undeserving of that degree. When all hell breaks loose on an individual he finds abode in the shelter of 4th house which is the house of motherland and place where he grew up. While feelings of attraction, love and acceptance are governed by 5th house the feeling of pure love without any expectation is governed by 4th house. Heart which filters and pumps blood to different part of the body is governed by 4th house. A bad planet or transit of a bad planet can lead to heart surgeries, legal disputes in property matters, friction with mother and sadness and misery in life.

     Over and above that 4th house looks after Cattle Rearing, Animal Husbandry, Vehicles and also Agriculture. Agriculture is cultivation of land and a good Chandra or Surya in 4th house would go a long way in ensuring success in agricultural field. Animal Husbandry and Cattle Rearing also require favourable place which is why a good 4th house is imperative. Transport Business particularly land vehicles require a good 4th house for an individual to be successful. Above all happiness is derived from the 4th house so it is very important for an individual to have a good 4th house. Ofcourse there are exception where a bad 4th house won't be a bad thing. For those dreaming of life on foreign shores a Shani or Rahu in 4th house is just what the astrologer looks for along with favorable 12th house. For those interested in marine biology or navy a Mangal in 4th house is a good choice to have.

     4th house is the foundation for most individuals. Most people have started getting consumed by other matters like Career (10th house), Fame (5th house), Livelihood (11th house), Savings (2nd house) and Life Partner (7th house) but the most important thing is 4th house cause at the end of day everything we do is for happiness and satisfaction. It is only possible through blessings of 4th house. If you have a bad 4th house then praying to Chandra the karaka of 4th house is beneficial.

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