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     10th house is popularly known as Karma Bhava in Vedic Astrology. Surya is the significator for 10th house but in some text Shani is considered the significator for karma bhava. It is the house which defines your career and public reputation. Most important of all it defines your purpose in life which when attained can satisfy your birth as a  human. Every human being is sent with a specific purpose which would make a difference in the lives to those around him. 

     Some people are born to be Politicians while others are born to be Sweepers. The only difference is Politicians dirties the system while the Sweeper cleans it. So who is more important of the two? You can take a good guess as to who would be approved by people and the maker aka God. While the career of a person maybe defined by past life karma the actions in this life define his reputation and future karma. There is nothing to be worried about a job post or public standing. Instead focusing on doing the job with hard work and diligence is the right way to go about life. Regretfully myself included most people worry about their line of work and position more then the quality of work, satisfaction that comes with it and the output delivered to the society. 10th house is also called Pitru Bhava or Father's House. Father's character and personality as well as relationship with child can be known through 10th house. Devil-in-disguise known as the Boss as well as familiar foe called Mother-in-Law are also governed by the 10h house. 

     10th house deals with leadership qualities, administration, father and political ambitions. While exact type of profession is better defined through a range of permutation and combinations atleast a rough sketch can be provided by 10th house for people looking at a career choice. Surya in 10th house can give a career in agriculture especially production of food grains but also give career in Politics and Administration. Chandra is good for cultivation of fruits and vegetables as a profession but also good with business of watery goods as well as business on foreign shores. For Mangal career in defense sector and medical surgery is a possible option. Budh can make a good businessman, career in teaching, accounting and software services. Guru in 10th house can be good for work in charitable trusts, religious places and fund-raisers. Please note that exact profession seems to vastly differ in case of Guru. Shukra in 10th house can make a fortune out of selling beauty products, cosmetics, fashion industry as well as design and jewelry. Shani while gives a good profession in hardware, Oil Import-Export as well as Politics, one needs a mention of the pitfalls of Shani in 10th house. Shani has the habit of elevating person to the top of success ladder but afterwards throwing him face first on the ground when he occupies the 10th house. Rahu can make up a good Politician or Actor if other placements are favorable. Bottom line with Rahu is person puts up a mask. Ketu amounts for a topsy-turvy career though exact range of profession differs like in case of Guru. A person attains success after considerable efforts when Ketu occupies the 10th house.

     10th house is the house of obligation and duties. Irrespective of the profession there would be few living souls who look forward to performing their duties and maintaining a decorum befitting of their post. Everyone likes to neglect their duties and take undue advantage of the power that comes with the post. If not all the time it maybe true on some instances. The seeds of success or failure are sown in the 10th house. It is the house where your thoughts and actions make or break your reputation. Choose carefully the path you must take and choose wisely is the profound advice to the readers. 

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