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     The most sought after question in astrology is about marriage especially by first timers taking the plunge. House of Marriage (first marriage), 7th house is practically the most popular house of the 12 houses of astrology. Also known as kalatra Bhava, 7th house looks after marriage, business partnerships, travels and legal cases. While the accurate details of your life partner cannot be provided atleast a vague idea can be provided through 7th house and planets occupying or aspecting the 7th house.

     Every prospective bride/groom dreams of a perfect life partner. They seek nothing less of a soul mate destined to be together for eternity especially the love birds. 7th house is generally considered good if there are aspects of Guru, Chandra or Shukra. Planets located in the 7th house are generally undesirable as they cause delay or divorce. A problematic 7th house could guarantee legal cases. Such people are adviced not to venture into business partnership or sign documents without reading them. People who have late marriages are also likely to have planets like Guru, Shani or Chandra in 7th house or bad influence on 7th house or 7th house lord. Mangal in 7th house is not as bad as made up by astrologers unless there is Makara lagna, Mithuna lagna or Kanya lagna. Ofcourse aspect of Mangal on 7th house is a cause for worry but through small measures can be eradicated. Presence of both Rahu and Ketu is unwanted in the 7th house.

     Alas! Most people forget that 7th house is the house of contracts and legal binding. Does it ring a bell? To simplify it idea of marriage being a perfection and heavenly arrangement doesn't last long. That notion goes away once there is a transit of Shani or Ketu or aspect of Shani. Dreams are quite good while they lasts but when you wake up there is a harsh reality of being stuck in an unwanted relation for your whole life. Marriage turns from a holy and pleasurable experience into one which is worse then hell. Life takes time to understand that marriage is nothing but an unwanted agreement with legal repercussions.

     Leaving the negativity aside marriage is still a wonderful experience to have. All the negativity combined cannot replace the idea that someone special is there for you through thick and thin, happiness and sorrow, health and sickness and through poverty and wealth sharing every experience that comes along the way. This is the true essence of 7th house- "An agreement which is not breakable, a partnership which is everlasting and a contract which cannot be void".

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