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     8th house is also called Mrityu Bhava in Vedic Astrology. It has authority over death, inheritance, secrets, illicit relations, in-laws, hidden wealth and taxation. 8th house is the house of closely guarded secrets, personal desires, immoral acts and hidden wealth which are never meant to revealed to the public. 8th house also deals with body parts below the waist especially urology and excretory system.

     One of the dushamsthanas, 8th house is the most destructive house in a horoscope. It causes tremendous transformation in lives of an individual which is generally not welcomed and regarded as adversity. People who get too comfortable in life with pace of life and surroundings find it difficult when faced with huge transformation both physical and mental required by 8th house. Of course 8th house just carries the mandate of karma which would lead the individual to a higher path. At the end of the day it is all a matter of perspective. Some consider transformation as painful while others consider it a blessing in disguise. According to a famous proverb- "One person's funeral is another person's bread". Counselors, Therapists, Lawyers, Escorts, Tax Department and Astrologers thrive on the 8th house and problems it creates.

     8th house is the house of death. When, Where and How is the person likely to die can be known through 8th house and factors which affect the 8th house. While worrying about death is unadvised, one should avoid accidents or mishaps by carefully studying 8th house which can accurately describe adversities before they happen. 8th house also deals with inherited wealth and hidden fortune. If you are left with a huge fortune by your forefathers or just found a pot of gold while accidentally digging your house you could be rest assured there is a favorable 8th house. If you get hounded by IRS or get your dirty linens (Affairs, Scandals and Scams) shown to the public you can be rest assured there is a problematic 8th house or bad aspects over it. Shani is the karaka for 8th house but not favorable in 8th house as it gives a bed ridden dependent life prior to slow and painful death. Mangal and Surya both cause boils near your rectum and even sometimes account for cruel death through animals or weapons. 

     A lot of matters of 8th house remain a mystery to astrology as people are not willing to discuss its matters openly. Astrology is a subject based on social observations and mathematical calculations. As soon as there is secrecy there are difficulties providing accurate information. Leaving that aside it is imperative that some secrets remain secrets and they are only told to trusted sources. 8th house is the house where cycle of birth and rebirth starts. Transformation is the key to change either positive or negative. Key to making it work in his favor lies with the individual. 



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