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     Dushamsthanas is a term used to describe the 6th house, 8th house and 12th house in Vedic Astrology. The word 'du' means bad in sanskrit. 6th house, 8th house and 12th house are not necessarily bad houses so to speak but the matters governed by them are considered bad by humans. 6th house governs sickness, debts and addictions. 8th house govers death and suffering while 12th house governs prisons and monetary losses.

     Naturally not many people find these subjects fascinating. But knowing is believing and believing leads to a change. Till there is sickness there is no value for health, till there is death there is no value for life and till there is loss there is no value for careful spending. It is an irony in itself that Dushamsthanas are not studied or asked about until there is death, disease, sickness and monetary losses. The more subtle and good matters of Laxmi Sthanas and Vishnu Sthanas are carefully deciphered using astrology. Everyone who goes to an astrologer is more interested in knowing his timing of marriage, his education, the money he/she may earn and the comforts he/she would enjoy. Alas!! These things are in the hands of fate. But the matters of dushamsthans specifically addiction, debt, sickness and loss as well as suffering are in our hands. We may not be able to prevent sickness but we can definitely work towards cure. We cannot prevent monetary losses but we can very well plan to cut short these losses. We cannot plan for suffering we are receiving but we can very well plan to ease those suffering.

     It is quite amusing to know no one gives a damn about Dushamsthans until tragedy strikes. If you are a student of astrology then it would be a great idea to give a balanced view and a balanced view cannot be given until studying the dushamsthanas. Astrology Text says the malefic planets (Saturn, Rahu, Sun, Ketu and Mars) are good in Dushamsthans while the benefic planets (Jupiter, Moon and Venus) are bad. But the horoscope sign, planetary lord, navamsha position and various astrological yogas also need to observed before giving a final verdict.

     In case of dushamsthans it is best to check for tenant or co-tenants of dushamsthanas and their relationship with the dushamsthana lord via aspect or joining. Then check the aspect of various planets on the dushamsthana house. Finally check if dushamsthana lord is in good disposition. If these three points indicate a positive outlook then nothing bad can fall on native with matters of the dushamsthana house. It is rarely possible that whole of native remains good or bad but if dushamsthana houses are having negative placements then rest assured whole life would have difficulties, diseases, debt and despair. It is imperative to get the dushamsthana houses checked first before moving towards matters of Vishnu Sthanas and Laxmi Sthanas. 

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