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     Moon is filled with feminine qualities like care, grace and love. Sixth House is the house of enemies, debts, diseases and service (working as an employee under someone). The emotional and free thinking Moon is unwelcome in the Sixth House. Moon in Aries Sign, Leo Sign or Sagittarius Sign helps natives excel in sports. Such natives both male and female thrive in adverse circumstances and their desire for glory ultimately makes them successful. For rest of the astrological signs the picture isn't so colorful especially if the native is a female.

     Moon is the significator for mind and mind of the native may be filled with negative emotions. Such negativity could ultimately invite various kind of debts and diseases. The native could be devoid of mother or motherly care and affection. If Moon is placed in Sixth House in a watery signs like Cancer Sign, Scorpio Sign and Pisces Sign then there could be problems of cough and cold. Native could suffer from diseases of urinal tract, venereal diseases, stones in kidney and bladder and blood impurities. With Saturn as a co-tenant native may also suffer from long and incurable diseases like paralysis. 

     While the picture looks very gloomy for Moon in Sixth House it may become a blessing if few remedies are followed. For those suffering from debts prayers to Goddess Laxmi and Kubera are most welcome. Shri Mahalaxmi Mahamantra prescribed in Vedic Mantras would be ideal. Also Kanakdhara Stotram has the power to shower blessings of Goddess Laxmi herself. If you suffer from diseases then prayers to Goddess Durga/Adi Shakti and Surya would give you inner strength and character to fight them. Adi Shakti is infinite and boundless and with her blessings no power in the universe can harm you. 

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