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     Moon popularly known as Chandra in Vedic Astrology is the planet of affections and emotions. It is a significator for mind and everything related to it. Moon also affects the blood circulation as well as water portions on the body and on earth. Well, that implies nearly 70% of body and of earth are affected by Moon. Moon maybe a small planet and it only stays in a Astrological Sign for around 2.5 days but its implications are huge when you take the co-tenants, sign and house lords into consideration. Moon brings tides and ebbs in an ocean and similarly it brings tides and ebbs in a human mind also. Every positive or negative, good or evil, happy or sad, nice or bad thought that comes to an individual is thanks to Moon and associations and afflictions to Moon.

     Moon is the closest planet to the earth. Theoretically it is a satellite. Just like satellites are responsible for good and bad signals in a television; Moon is responsible for good and bad thoughts in an individual. Saturn and Rahu association with Moon is a prime factor for people with weak or malefic thought process. Of course the sign occupied by Moon also plays an important role in shaping the thought process of an individual. Generally speaking association of Moon to Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Mercury, Sun and Ketu is considered bad. 

     Moon is highly impressionable according to Vedic Astrology. It quickly takes in the qualities of its horoscope sign, co-tenants and planets which aspect it. Lets talk in more detail about Moon and associations with other planets:

     Moon's association with Sun is called as Amavasya or No Moon. Many astrologers push the panic button once they hear of this scenario. Various havans, poojas and remedies are provided to calm these so called horrible scenario. Well the truth couldn't be farther off. Sun is Soul and Moon is the Mind and it wouldn't be so bad if Soul and Mind become one considering that Soul(Atma) is considered part of GOD and mind is the most definiting part in an individual.

     Moon's association with Mars is considered auspicious by many astrologers cause it gives abundant wealth. That is partly true but they forget to mention that this association gives rise to a wounded warrior who is always there to take revenge on others.

     Moon's association with Mercury is probably among the worst. Most mental disorders are caused by this association. Moon controls the mind while Mercury takes care of nervous system. Not to mention this association causes an individual to be a chatter box. 

     Moon's association to Jupiter is probably the best. In a favourable sign it causes a powerful yoga called Gaja Kesari Yoga. It gives abundant wealth, happiness and prosperity.

     Moon's association with Venus is also good. It provides abundant love. Most of the Romeo-Juliet type love birds tend to have Moon-Venus association. The fairest and most beautiful looking individuals both male and female are very likely to have assocation of Moon with Venus.

     Moon's association with Saturn causes Vish Yoga. The mind is constantly in thinking process and nothing comes out of tireless thinking but sadness and worries. Depression is one of the possible scenarious with Saturn-Moon association. But people who learn to control their emotions and adapt to difficulties and changing scenarios become great individuals but that doesn't come without a struggle. 

     Moon with Rahu is bad in general terms. Rahu is cloudy and smokey and causes disruption to natural though process. Simply speaking this association clouds judgement of an individual.

     Moon's association with Ketu is bad for some and good for some. Ketu is the planet of detachment. Well for those who want to get closer to the Supreme Conscious; this placement provides the right tools of obtaining that goal. For those who are too caught up with materialistic success; consider this placement to be quite a bother and probably arrange for some counter measures. 

     Moon is very small but its implications on human beings are pretty big. Moon placed alone in horoscope sign is a gentle, calm and caring but depending on astrological Sign, lordship or co-tenants it could bring peace or havoc in life of a person. The greatest enemy or friend of an individual is not anyone but his mind and thoughts. Once you control your own mind; controlling this world is not that difficult.


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