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About Cancer Sign

     Cancer Sign is known as Karka Rashi in Vedic Astrology. It is a watery sign and female by gender. It rules the north direction. It gives kapha dosha. It controls the chest, lungs and heart. Moon is the lord of Cancer. Jupiter is exalted while Mars is debilitated in Cancer Sign. 

Moon in Cancer Sign

     Moon in Cancer Sign is in its own sign. Moon's placement in Cancer Sign makes a native obedient, compassionate, good mannered, patient, thoughtful and kind hearted towards the whole society in general. Cancer natives(Moon in Cancer) are emotional, love their parents and provide lot of help to others without any sort of expectation in return. 

General Character

     Cancer Natives have attractive personality with good eloquent speech. They have an attractive smile. Their facial features include big bright eyes, round cheeks and round face. They are medium in height and have a fair complexion. They have a big chest with females having well developed and attractive breasts. They are calm and passive who love nature. They have abundance of friends and get along well with others.

     They have special affection for parents especially the mother who is equal to God Figure for them. They are not the type to like fighting but due to their complex nature often invite others fury unknowingly. They practise empathy and show genuine care for others. They are quite emotional and could become emotional over old nostalgic moments. Natives are patriotic by birth and love for their motherland and mother is extreme. They may even go into army or navy if Mars is in Cancer along with Moon. They have a habit of collecting old antiques. They like to stay at river banks or place near water. 


     Cancer Natives are caring and concerned for others so career as social activist or counselor is good choice. Besides that they can be successful in import-export business. Cancer Sign is a watery sign and any business associated with water or other liquid substance can yield good income. Businesses like petrol station, ice factory, milk and milk products, rain water harvesting, water sanitation, sea travel, color chemicals and dyes can provide good career alternatives. Also any substance that is white in color like cotton or silver can be good place to start a business for Cancer Natives. They can also have a great career in animal husbandry and farming especially vegetable and fruit production. Job stability is less for Cancer Natives and business related to water, farming and animals are better suited to be pursued. 

Marriage and Family

     In marriage and romance the natives often tries to find a partner who has similar qualities to his/her mother. Mother holds a special place in the hearts of Cancer Natives. Many a times marriage of Cancer Native is late. Often there are differences with partner and sometimes divorce also happens. Though most of the times the partner is the problem due to Capricorn Sign in the 7th house. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which is polar opposite in terms of personality as compared to Moon so differences are bound to pop-up.

     Saturn as lord of 7th House and 8th House is unforgiving and causes divorce and dissolution of marriage for natives. It is especially true if Cancer is also Ascendant. Special care needs to be taken by Cancer Natives in marriage. This holds especially true for natives with Cancer Ascendant. Ofcourse this is no stone carved rule that marriage for Cancer Natives is unhappy. There are always exceptions in astrology and due care needs to be taken before predicting the state of marriage. What is important for Cancer Natives is to try their level best in a relationship. The rest of it is best to leave to fate or God to be more precise. 


Emotional, complex personality, lazy, unstable mind, overtly kind.


Nervousness, headache, stomach problems, dehydration, cough, cold and sometimes mental diseases like depression, schizophrenia. Generally natives remain quite sickly. 

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