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About Gemini Sign

     Gemini Sign is known as Mithuna Rashi in Vedic Astrology. This windy sign is male by gender and rules the west direction. It gives Vatta Dosha. It rules the chest, hands and rib cage. Mercury is the lord of Gemini.

Moon in Gemini Sign

     Gemini Sign may not be the most ideal placement for Moon. Having said that Gemini natives(Moon in Gemini) have been observed to be smart, kind, obedient and good mannered. The downside though is they are quite talkative. They generally talk in a clever and witty manner. They are generous to friends and family members. They have a very good memory and can remember events with detailed accuracy.

General Character & Physical Traits

     Gemini natives like to live their lives to the fullest like their is no tomorrow. They can talk for hours and hours on a range of topics without feeling fatigue or pain. They have a unique ability to imitate anyone they observe. They can make up humor on anybody by observing them for sometime. They are excellent mimicry artist. Although many a times these traits of humor and mimicry work against them and unwillingly spoils many a relationships. Proper care needs to be taken that relationships are not harmed due to some innocent funtime. They speak in a fast slang tone, have innocent eyes, long nose, generally a large forehead and have a stout body. Man are likely to go bald as they age.

     A unique personality trait of Gemini Sign is the dual personality type behavior. Sometimes they are happy and blissful while other times they are angry and irritated. Such behavior stems from Moon-Mercury relationship which is known to cause mental fluctuations in natives.


     Gemini Natives do not like physical work and often slack off when work is required. But they like cleanliness and do not mind bending their back to ensure clean and hygienic environment. They are quite impatient and often loose their cool when things don't workout as planned. Natives cannot focus on any job for long and career stability is low unless other factors help.

     They are not advised to pursue any job which involves excess physical work. Natives are known for their way with words and any career where speech and convincing power are required is ideal. Ideal career would be as a counselor, salesman, marketing, bpo jobs (Call Center), human resource and as physicians. Even career in law, software, travel and stock markets is possible.

Marriage and Family

     In relationships natives are difficult partners to be with. They can be loving and caring at times while other times they are rude, angry and abusive to their partners. They often make fun of partners characters and traits. Forewarned for natives to find a partner who is open-minded to criticism. Gemini Natives are prone to spoil many a relationships due to their humor and fun making nature. On rare occasions they may commit adultery and cheating.

     They are advised to keep a safe distance while flirting and avoid casual relationship with anyone other then partners. They have a tendency to disassociate with old friends in order to bond with new friends. Such tendency are best avoided. In any case all these are not iron clad rules and there are bound to be exceptions due to aspects and placements of other planets.


Impatient, poking fun at others, wavering mind, dual persoanlity, very talkative.


Gemini natives should avoid over-thinking or mental diseases would follow. Also other disease include mental fatigue, insomnia, lung disorders, bronchitis, liver problems, constipation, acidity, flatulence are a possibility.

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