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About Taurus Sign

     Taurus Sign is known as Vrishabha Rashi in Vedic Astrology. Taurus is an earthy sign, female by gender and rules the south direction. It controls the mouth, neck and voice box. It gives both Vata and Kapha Dosha. Venus is the lord while Moon is exalted in Taurus Sign. 

Moon in Taurus Sign

Moon in Taurus is a synonym for fame, fortune and good luck. Taurus Natives(Moon in Taurus) are the definition of calmness, coolness and goodness. They are good natured, peaceful, emotional yet ambitious and popular among friends. They are clever in approach and thoughtful in action. In short all the recipe for success are endowed in them. Taurus is the exaltion sign of Moon. They beget good family, wealth, children and happiness due to positive prarabdha generated from past lives good deeds. 

General Character

Taurus Natives are very attractive in looks and generally have a fair skin. They are fashionable and like to dress and look attractive. They are aware of latest trends in fashion and like to dress up for any occasion. They are prone to show off. In terms of behavior they are calm and composed and do not like fights and arguments. They generally avoid verbal or physical duel. 

General analysis for natives is less troubles but that may change if bad planets are in association or aspect. Even then natives have been observed to face the troubles with calmness, tact and diplomacy. Moon is an impressionable planet and in the planetary sign of Venus may give problems like addiction, show off and aristocratic nature. There are dangers to health and fortune of the native. While good health is observed the native is prone to fall ill if care is not taken in food habits and addictions related to alcohol, drugs and excessive sweets are possible.


Taurus Natives have a flair for business. They can be successful in any endeavors in life. In addition they may receive financial favors from others in plenty. They are blessed with abundant money, fame and fortune. Sometimes they may have to go to foreign lands for fortune to turn in their favor.

Career in real estate, agriculture, construction, architecture or anything associated with land produces good dividends. Ideal career in stock markets and trading if no bad aspect or placement. Career in banking, engineering, beauty products, fashion, sweets and delicacies, insurance and movie career are all possible. Even in service sector progress is steady.

Marriage and Family

Both Moon and Venus are associated with emotions and love. Natives have abundant of emotions and love for others. They generally give and receive plenty of love and respect from others. Natives excel in matters of love and romance. They are quite romantic and fond of sexual pleasures. They generally get into love marriage and enjoy a good marital life with partner. Even in those case where there is arranged marriage or marriage for mutual benefit then also natives are likely to be faithful and understanding in marriage.

Care is needed to be taken when marrying as natives themselves dislike argumentation, fights and promiscuous attitude. They follow peaceful and good etiquette's in marriage and generally prefer their partner to do the same. In worst case scenario also Taurus Natives are likely to settle as being the passive personality in marriage to avoid separation. Divorces are rare for natives though not unlikely. They have a loving family and good set of friends. Natives are advised to spend wisely on friends and keep a balance sheet of income and spending.


Lazy, pleasure loving, gluttony, exuberant spending, fashionista, gambling & addictions


Pain in neck, cough and cold symptoms, voice problems, heart problems are possible if Moon is afflicted. Sometimes obese body can give problems of blood circulation. Muscle cramps are also a common symptom. 

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