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     When you think of romance, luxuries and sensual pleasures there is only one planet that can satisfy your quench for them. The planet's name is Venus. Popularly known as Shukra in Vedic Astrology, Venus is the planet of which promotes romance, passion, luxuries, arts and music. It is identical to Jupiter as it gives abundant wealth but it also promotes aristocracy which the simpleton Jupiter cannot fathom. While Venus does not have the humility to handle fame or wealth, it is guaranteed that a person with prominent Venus would have lived his/her life to the fullest and enjoyed pleasures to the max.

     Venus is The Cupid(Kamdeva) among planets. All the romance in the world is a gift from Venus. The beautiful women, melodious music and mesmerizing dance moves are all thanks to the great planet called Venus. The life force or semen which brings another life on this earth is also governed by Venus. All the sexual organs which provide pleasures are governed by Venus. The delicacies like chocolate, rice-pudding(kheer), pastries etc derive their sweetness from Venus. The people with a great disposition of Venus are attractive, wealthy, fashionable and charming. They are admirers of arts, music, fashion and beauty.

     While Venus is significator for everything beautiful and gorgeous it does have its downsides. Venus promotes excessive sweetness and drug addiction. It does not know any limits to pleasures and romance. Most of the taboo activities are carried on when a person has Venus in a bad house or has association of Venus to Mars and Rahu. With Mars as a co-tenant or in mutual aspect you could find a flirt and even a womaniser. Even girls with this Venus-Mars combinations could be love lost and prone to be love struck all the time. All the marriages done on whims and instant attraction are due to Mars-Venus connections. When there is Rahu involved with Venus marriage may even be with the wrong person and leads to bad reputation for the individual and their close relatives. Venus causes drug, alcohol and sex addiction. Even addiction to medicines and prescribed drugs is possible with bad placement of Venus.

     Venus with Sun is present in a lot of horoscope and is generally bad. The romantic and pleasure seeking qualities of Venus are stopped by ambitious and enlightened Sun who destroys marriage and romance and take the native on higher learning path.

      Venus with Moon as a co-tenant is great. The individual with Venus+Moon in same horoscope sign could have a romantic equation of epic proportions on par with Romeo-Juliet and remain inseparable throughout life.

     Venus with Mars is a flirt and prone to extra-marital affairs. 

     Venus with Mercury is great for career in music and arts. On down-side the native is often unable to emphathize with other less fortunate souls.

      Venus with Jupiter as co-tenant may give wealth, happiness and knowledge but many a times it is through illegal means.

     Venus with Saturn is quite bad as Saturn's negativity is a damp squid for sensual and pleasurable Venus. But since both planets are friendly it rarely causes destruction. An aspect of Saturn or Jupiter on Venus is quite a blessing to have. Venus also gives love for animals and provides benefits through them in a favourable placement.

    Most of the beautiful women and fortunate men have Venus in a very good disposition. All the famous celebrities have Venus or a favourable period of Venus. While Jupiter may give wealth, happiness and knowledge to a native leave it to Venus to give you the finer things in life. Venus natives are like a horse without a lease which can run off anywhere he/she pleases. The kind of ecstacy, pleasures and forbidden desires which Venus provides can only be dreamt by other planets. Fame and fortune is abundant for people with a good Venus.

     Ofcourse with no boundary between acceptance and taboo many of the Venus influenced people resort to drugs or medicines to calm their mind. Romance and sensual pleasures could be over the top but so is the risk of catching a venereal disease. Love takes a backseat and lust would control your mind and body unless there is a planet like Jupiter, Saturn or Sun as co-tenant or aspecting Venus to guide it. The price of being a celebrity is high with no privacy or peace but those who only crave for Page 3 lifestyle should start pleasing dear sweet aunty known as Venus. For people with problematic Venus praying to Lord Krishna or Goddess Laxmi for improving the condition and Goddess Santoshi Maa for decreasing the side-effects of afflicted Venus is highly beneficial.

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