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Purva Asadha Nakshatra

Purva Asadha is the tweentieth nakshatra among the 27 Nakshtaras in Vedic Astrology. The diety for this nakshatra is Apas. The Gana(trait) for Purva Asadha is Manushya(Humanly). The ruling planet for Purva Asadha is VenusĀ and all the 4 Padas are located in Sagittarius Sign. The symbol is a hand fan. Purva Asadha is considered an auspicious nakshatra for female natives but not so great for male natives. Honesty is a trait which is best associated with this naksthatra.

Physical Features

Natives have a lean and tall body with beautiful teeth, long ears and arms and narrow waist. Females have a beautiful face, attractive eyes and small lips. They have brown and curly hair and small feet. Female natives are known to put on weight in later years of life.

Character & General Events

Purva Asadha natives are known for their honesty. They have a tendency to jump to conclusions inspite of Good Intelligence. They have good argumentative and convincing skills. They maybe too adamant to accept fault. It is better if they do not to give out unnecessary advise to others. They are passive and calm and hate risks.

Education & Career

They tend to derive benefits from total strangers. Generally male natives have less education as compared to females. Male natives are more suited for jobs and business is only advised if other favorable aspects are present in horoscope. In a stark contrast female natives have a positive character. They are likely to think over actions before implementing them. They are successful in occupations which allow them to utilize their natural abilities.

Period upto 32 years is full of trials for both males and females. Period between 32 to 50 years suggests progress. As natives have a habit of helping without any expectations of returns career as Doctor is highly recommended. Besides that they can work as Antique Collectors, in Fine Arts, as Poets among other professions.

Family Life

Natives enjoy a healthy relationship with parents and siblings and also derive benefits from them. There are chances to settle abroad if the native desires. Though marriage is delayed, it maybe happy to a large extent. Children are talented and respectful. Children also increase the name and fame of the family.


Artistic, Good looking, Influential


Stubborn, Inflexible, Egoistic.


Natives may suffer from an incurable disease. Also there can be breathing troubles, bronchitis, etc. Thigh problems and lung disorders like rheumatism possible.


Prayers to a calm goddess deity like Laxmi, Parvati or Saraswati.

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