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Uttara Asadha Nakshatra

Uttara Asadha is the twenty first nakshatra among the 27 Nakshatras of Vedic Astrology. While the first pada is in Sagittarius Sign the rest of the 3 Padas are in Capricorn Sign. The planetary lord is Sun for Uttara Asadha. The Gana(trait) is Devta(Godly) for Uttara Asadha. Symbol is an elephants tusk.

Physical Features

Uttara Asadha natives have a well-proportioned body with broad head, long nose and bright eyes. They have a charming and graceful appearance in addition to somewhat fairer complexion.

Character & General Events

Natives have a humanitarian vision to see all races as equal. Natives like to dress simple, respect everyone and are God fearing. They are secretive from others and unable to put full confidence in others. They are prone to flattery. They are forced with many responsibilities at a young age which shapes their character and gives them strength to work under pressure. Male natives have a good, honest and sincere character. They are peace loving, intelligent and wise. They believe in the philosophy of living and letting others live.

Education & Career

Uttara Asadha natives have no qualms in accepting their fault or admitting to a mistake. Generally they put a proper thought before taking a task which avoids them failures and resentment afterwards. They are recognized by society and honest in their business dealings. Female natives have a contented nature and can make for a very  good administrator. They are keen to pursue social causes and events. Career in Politics, Entertainments, Counseling, Research, Wrestling, Painting and Army are possible among others.

Family Life

Females are extremely devoted to their husbands. Natives both male and female are liked by everyone who comes in their contact. They are good and steady friends who help their friends in times of need. Married life is good and a good partner is indicated. Spouse is liable to health concerns especially gastric problems like acidity. Not much happiness through children and children can be a cause of concern for the native.


Devoted to friends, Tolerant, Intelligent.


Health, Unable to Trust others.


Native is prone to stomach problems, pulmonary diseases. In addition poor eyesight or some defect in the eyes also possible.


Praying to Surya or Lord Vishnu. 

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