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     Sun popularly known as Surya in Vedic Astrology is the king of all planets. It is the significator for soul which is considered a part of God or God itselt. Not only that Sun is responsible for health, fame and leadership roles. Sun is also a significator for father. Our eyes which let us see this beautiful world are governed by Sun as well. It is a male planet, royalty in nature and is given the title of king among planets.

     Leadership Skills come naturally to those with good placement for Sun, ideally in the 10th house. Many great politicians and leaders have Sun in an important placement in the horoscope. People with positive Sun in a horoscope show poise, confidence and firm determination. They rise to the status of a leader and an able administrator. People with a good Sun can be quite successful in the areas of agriculture and administration. Goverment jobs which provide a sense of security and stability are a blessing of good Sun in a horoscope. Even if Sun is in Libra Sign which is its debilitation sign, provided it causes a Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga you are sure to see the concerned individual in a very important administrative or political role. Bear in mind they rarely get the top position if Sun is in Libra Sign but second best isn't always so bad. Health, Vigour and Vitality all improve if Sun is in a good placement in a horoscope. With Mercury as a co-tenant in a good sign or house, a very powerful yoga called Budh-Aditya Yoga is formed. It provides wealth, fame and prosperity.

   There are downsides to any planet and Sun is no different. While a positive Sun is a boon for individuals it is a curse for those around him. Sun is arrogant and inconsiderate to other people's needs. In popular stories Sun is the father and Saturn is the son yet they both don't get along well. This is partly down to the autocratic and dictatorial nature of Sun the father and unapologetic and rigid nature of Saturn the son. Families where father and children don't get along well are sure to have Sun-Saturn relationship in one way or the other. Sun influenced people generally get high positions and they are sure to push everyone to work beyond their possible limit which maybe fortunate for the enterprises but not so fortunate for the employees. Well surely they don't become Mr. Popular with the minions yet they are sure to get special accolades from their bosses. In terms of health a bad placement of Sun is sure to give you several ailments, weak body and low confidence but a strong placement gives over-confidence in ones abilities and ultimately that causes their downfall. Burns and Boils also happen if Sun is in a fiery sign.

     The problem with people who have a good Sun is they act confident and ambitious and shine a little too much for others to feel jealousy and insecurity. People often confuse their confidence for arrogance and their ambitions for egocentric behavior. They do not help their own cause either by being insensitive to those less confident and unsuccessful souls. Not everyone can become successful in life cause if everyone becomes a king then who would be the subjects? This trivial matter is too hard for people with good placement of Sun to understand. While the benefits of a good Sun are great as it gives authority, fame and health one must care not to be over-confident and forget kindness and empathy.

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