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Krittika Nakshtra Description

Krittika is the 3rd nakshatra among the 27 nakshtras studied in Vedic Astrology. Krittika is ruled by Sun and symbolized by an axe. Among the 4 Padas the 1st Pada of Krittika is in Aries Sign while the remaining 3 Padas are in Taurus sign. The gana of Krittika is Rakshasha and presiding god is Agni. According to popular texts the 6 stars in Krittika Nakshatra are said to be mothers of Kartikeyan. It is also suggested that Kartikeyan got his name from his six mothers. 

Physical Attributes

Males and Females have medium height. They have a thick neck along with a stout and solid body. Males have well-developed muscles.

Character & General Events

Natives who belong to the 1st Pada of Krittika Nakshatra show the aggressive qualities of Mars and Sun, while the other 3 Padas show steady and calm attitude of Taurus Sign along with feminine grace of Venus. Often both males and females have an overdose of self-esteem and love for individual freedom. Krittika natives do not like criticism leveled at them. If provoked they can be quite quarrelsome especially the female natives. If Sun is in good condition then natives are endowed with enhanced stamina and conviction to pursue goals. Otherwise they are not known to be firm if the tasks keeps dragging. They do not think of consequences when they start a task and generally suited for roles where quick actions take precedence over qualitative analysis.

Education & Profession

Krittika Natives can work in any sector but rarely ever master any sector of work. Natives often work away from hometown. Partnership is less suited for them owing to their independent thought and approach. Ideal to work in government jobs but business in meat import/export, fashion design, as a hair stylist and medical especially autopsy is recommended. Both male and female natives can be good administrators if other planets are in favorable location.

Family Life

Males often marry a wife who is devoted and dedicated. Wife is likely an effective administrator at home. Native's wife may face health issues and sometimes their wife separate from natives due to unforeseen circumstances. Life upto 50 years is full of hardships. For male natives love marriage in indicated and often to a family friend. For females there maybe late marriage or divorce owing to their independent thoughts and actions. Ultimately result of separation and secluded life is a possible scenario for female natives of Krittika Nakshatra. Taking care of anger and frustration is advised for Krittika Females. The male ego sometimes requires feminine qualities in their partner and acting passive once in a while won't kill the Kritikka Females. 


Female natives may suffer from physical and mental ailments due to excessive work. Tuberculosis, Gastric Problems, Piles, Brain Fever, Boils, Accidents and Wounds are possible for natives of Krittika Nakshatra.


Natives are self motivated, bright and honor their commitments. They are courageous and ambitious.


Natives are often stubborn and have an unstable mind. They are aggressive and arrogant and often pursue unrealistic dreams.


Praying to Kartikeya and Surya. Also chanting Gayatri Mantra is advised. If anger is out of control and if placement is in Aries Sign then praying to Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu is advised.

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