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     1st house in Vedic Astrology is also called lagna or ascendent. It is used to know about physical appearance, skin color, body constitution, personality and intelligence of the person. In simpler terms the First House in a horoscope is the mirror to the individual whose horoscope is shown. The important thing to know is only a summary is possible through First House. The whole thesis of an individual requires lots of careful study of various factors including Chandra Lagna, Surya Lagna, Nakshatra Lords of Lagna and Chandra and last by not least the Lagnesha.

     1st house is part of Vishnu Sthanas as well as trine called Laxmi Sthanas. The physical attributes and complexion of individuals are based on rashi in lagna, lagnesha and also the nakshatra lords of lagna and lagnesha. The emotional characteristics of individual can be more accurately predicted using lagna, lagnesha and Chandra's placement in horoscope and nakshatra lord of Chandra. Health concerns are better observed using Surya's placement in horoscope. First House and lagnesha are also important factors to be considered to view health. Emotional picture of individual is better estimated from Chandra Lagna. Same way Surya Lagna is used to decipher the spiritual view of things.

     Each lagna/first house has a planetary lord which is known as lagnesha. The placement of lagnesha is also very important to be considered when talking about charecteristics, health, emotions and physical attributes. A troubled placement of lagnesha suggests a troubled individual while a favourable placement of lagnesha suggests success and happiness for individual. Whatever the result one could find his true self through First House and Lagnesha. The rashi charecteristics are also absorbed by First House. Say Karka Rashi in Lagna/First House at time of birth suggest a kind and caring person. His complexion is generally fairer compared to those around him.

     If you ever find the need to discover youself using astrology then first house is a nice place to start. It provides a brief overview of you as a person. If you carefully study First House including Chandra Lagna, Surya Lagna, Nakshatra Lord of Lagna and Lagnesha as well as Rashi in First House you could solve the big jigsaw puzzle that is your characture and nature. While it may seem stupid to most it actually benefits as most of us are not aware of our assets and shortcomings.

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