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     Ascendant is the horoscope sign which is rising on the Eastern Horizon at the time of your birth. Lets simplify it. Most Hindus pray to the rising Sun which is in the East. They have faith that offering water and staring at the rising Sun would give them health, wealth, happiness and success for the entire day. Similary Astrology also believes in the concept of Rising Sign. The qualities of the Rising Sign(Ascendant) are said to be endowed in the native and astrologers believe these qualities would determine the success or failure of the native. By knowing both the strengths and limitations of the concerned sign an individual can rise to great heights. 

ascendant north
ascendant south

     Ascendant is used to determine the physical, psychological and social characteristics of the native. If ascendant is empty then owner of Ascendant Sign and aspects on Ascendant are considered to get an accurate description of the native. Ascendant can accurately describe the physical and mental traits to a certain extent only. The placement of Sun in horsocope determines the health, memory and fame that native may get. The placement of Moon determines the state of mind for eg. weak-willed or strong-willed and also the comforts and difficulties he/she may face in this life. Ascendant is considered as 1st House in a Horoscope and the 1st house in horscope is often termed as Ascendant.

     For Sun Ascendant placement sign of Sun is taken as 1st house. For knowing your health, fame and profession use the Sun Ascendant.

     For Moon Ascendant the placement sign of Moon is taken as 1st house. For knowing your behavior patterns, various emotions and comforts/difficulties waiting for you in this life use Moon Ascendant.

     Below are the 12 Ascendants, their nature, element and direction. Element shows the most likely disease like indigestion for Ascendants with Earth as element, Cough & Cold for Ascendants with Water as element. The nature shows if person is flexible, fixated in views or both as required. The direction helps with career matters and finding out which direction would luck favor the native.

Lagna Element Nature Direction
Aries Ascendant Fire Moving East
Taurus Ascendant Earth Fixed South
Gemini Ascendant Air Dual(Both Fixed & Moving) West
Cancer Ascendant Water Moving North
Leo Ascendant Fire Fixed East
Virgo Ascendant Earth Dual(Both Fixed & Moving) South
Libra Ascendant Air Moving West
Scorpio Ascendant Water Fixed North
Sagittarius Ascendant Fire Dual(Both Fixed & Moving) East
Capricorn Ascendant Earth Moving South
Aquarius Ascendant Air Fixed West
Pisces Ascendant Water Dual(Both Fixed & Moving) North


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