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General Characteristics Females

     Taurus Sign is a fixed sign, earthy by nature and female by gender. Inspite of having a female qualities Taurus Ascendant is favourable ascendant for both males and females. If Moon occupies ascendant, females become the epitome of beauty and brains. This makes it quite a favorable ascendant for females.

Benefics and Malefics

The best benefic is Saturn as he owns the 9th House and 10th House. Also Mercury, Mars and Sun are benefics.

Jupiter and Moon are malefics. Venus is neutral being the lord of ascendant as well as 6th House.

Physical Features

Girls born with Taurus Ascendant have a beautiful face, broad forehead, bright eyes sometimes blue in color, a fair complexion, beautiful hair and attractive walk. They have brains to match their beauty. They can stay young for a very long time. They have luscious lips. Their height is short or medium stature. 


Taurus Ascendant Females are intelligent and efficient in whatever work they undertake. They can get angry sometimes but they are not the types to keep a grudge for long. Taurus Sign is ruled by Venus and the qualities of Venus like Romance, Fashionista, love for Jewelry, Page 3 events are embedded in personality of females with Taurus Ascendant. They can carve an excellent career in singing, modelling, interior design, drama, arts and literature. Over and above that they have abundant qualities to make a success in both job and business. They have good and cordial relationship with their employees, co-workers and employers. They can get fair amount of success if they venture into the business field. They can be lazy at times and not the type to stick to a project if it keeps dragging. They are smart and can achieve success with little effort. 

Marriage & Family

They are quite romantic and have a good number of male and female admirers. But since 7th house is occupied by Scorpio Sign a sign ruled by Mars, females are adviced to think carefully before taking the plunge in marriage. Females with Taurus Ascendants are ideal partners and many offers would come their way if they just keep patient. Marriages though rarely result in divorce and female tends to work out the differences in marriage. They are caring and compassionate towards partner. They are good party host and generally receive their guest well. 


Art Lovers, Compassionate, Caring and Forgiving, Good Party Host. Calm and Peace Loving.


Lazy, Sometimes Arrogant, Unable to Persevere, Hate Simplicity and Bitter Truth.


They are prone to acidity and indigestion. Also cold and cough, venereal diseases. eye infection and diseases are all possible. 


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