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General Characteristics Males

     Taurus Sign is a fixed sign, earthy by nature and female by gender. Inspite of having feminine qualities, Taurus Ascendant is quite favourable for males.

Benefics and Malefics

The best benefic is Saturn as he owns the 9th House and 10th House. Also Mercury, Mars and Sun are benefics.

Jupiter and Moon are malefics. Venus is neutral being the lord of ascendant as well as 6th House.

Physical Features

Natives have a fair complexion and are generally good looking. They have a broad forehead and thin neck. Body build maybe medium or fat with plump thighs. They have a good reasoning powers and calculated speech. They are romantic and quite artistic. Age is not visible for them and they retain their youthful looks for a long time. 


Males with Taurus Ascendant are fond of luxury. They have good common sense, articulate speech and refined approach in life which makes them happy and successful in life. They like to dress up, apply deodarants, sprays and even opt for a therapy at a good salon to look attractive. Business and Job are both suitable and chances of rising to good position are high. Unless there is favourable presence or aspect on 7th house they are generally advised to avoid partnership in business. But standalone business is favourable for them. They are less suitable for work where flexibility in approach is required. 

Marriage & Family

They have attractive personality which attracts female towards them. But since 7th house is lorded by Mars marriage may have difficulties especially if there are negative influences on 7th house. Marriage Partner is a dominant personality. Partners are aggressive and bound to get angry. Frictions in marriage are always there but marriage stays afloat as long as male natives keep calm. They are good host and take good care of guests and visitors.


Art Lovers, Compassionate, Caring and Forgiving, Good Party Host. Calm and Peace Loving.


Lazy, Sometimes Arrogant, Unable to Persevere, Hate Simplicity and Bitter Truth.


They are prone to acidity and indigestion. Also cold and cough, venereal diseases. eye infection and diseases are all possible. 


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